Postage Stamps of the United States - 1866


Andrew Johnson

Postmaster General:
William Dennison
Jul. 25 - Dec. 31: Alexander Randall


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1866 "Beautiful River"

Posatge Rates

Domestic Letter Rate: 3¢ per ½ oz.

Registry Fee: 20¢ - paid in cash, stamp not required

Rate for Drop Letters per ½ oz: One Cent


15¢ Lincoln of 1866

The following postage stamp varieties were first issued by the U.S. in 1866:
Scott 77 - 15¢ Black Lincoln - EDU: Aug. 14, 1866 - about 2,139,300 issued

Commemoratives: The first Commemorative stamps were not issued until 1893
Special Delivery: The first Special Delivery stamps were not issued until 1885
Postage Dues: The first Postage Due Stamps were not issued until 1879

Designs of the 1861-1869 Regular Issues