Postage Stamps of the United States - 1897


Grover Cleveland
William McKinley

Postmaster General
William L. Wilson
James A. Gary


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1897 "Almost Persuaded"

Postage Rate

Domestic Letter Rate: 2¢ per oz.

Card Rate: 1¢

Registry Fee: 8¢

Foreign Rate: 5¢


Ordinary Postage Stamps First Issued in 1897
Double-line watermarked USPS Perf 12 200 Subject Plates
see also: Distinguish the Types of the Two Cent Triangles

Number 267a - 2¢ Pink Type III - Design of 1894 - Nov. 1897 - EDU:12/8/97
Number 279Bf - 2¢ Carmine Type IV - Design of 1894 - EDU:11/18/97
Number 279Bg - 2¢ Pink Type IV - Design of 1894 - EDU:12/1/97

Although the type IV two cent stamp is usually considered an 1898 stamp, the new type IV die was first issued in the carmine and pink shades at least as early as November 1897. Number lists red 2¢ type IV as the main color for the 279B stamp, but our research shows the red shade is not documented before May 1899. Plates using the type IV dies started with plate number 505, any of the watermarked two cent stamps printed from an earlier plate is a Number 267.

No new varieties of commemorative stamps were issued in 1897
No new varieties of the U.S. Special Delivery stamps were issued in 1897

U.S. Postage Due Stamps of 1897
Printed by the Bureau of Engraving & Printing on soft porous double-line watermarked paper
Number J43 - 30¢ Deep Claret - Postage Dues Designs of 1894 - Issue date: March 17, 1896