Scott 453 - Type I Rotary
Perf 10 Vertically

2¢ Washington Head
Type I Perf 10
Rotary Coil

Scott 449 - Type I Rotary
Perf 10 Horizontally Siegel #847*

Watermark Check and Type Check : Once you have determined that this perf 10 coil is rotary, your work is essentially done, there is no need to check for watermark, other than to confirm that the stamp is authentic (see below), since both of these stamps are Type I and must be single-line watermarked.

Rotary Coil - Type I Watermark Number
Perf 10 horizontally (vertical coil) single-line 449
Perf 10 vertically (horizontal coil) single-line 453

There is no type I rotary stock to manufacture these coils, either by adding perforations to an imperforate stamp or by trimming the perfs from a sheet stamp. The flat plate type I coils are sometimes confused with these, so make certain the coil is rotary. The type I vertical rotary coil is sometimes manufactured from the single-line watermarked type III vertical rotary coil, particularly by scraping away the last line in both the left and right ribbons. However, there are so many differences between the type I and the type III stamps detection is rather simple for anyone willing to take the time to examine the stamp closely. The same can be said for the unwatermarked type III vertical rotary coil, but the fake would have no watermark as well as many type III characteristics and be even less convincing.

*The Number 449 illustrated is courtesy of the Robert A. Siegel Auciton Galleries, Inc. and is from sale #847, United States Stamps, , May 20-21, 2002.

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