Type II Rotary Horizontal Coil

2¢ Washington Head
Type II Perf 10
Rotary Coil

Type II Rotary Vertical Coil

Watermark Check and Type Check : If you have determined that your perf 10 coil is rotary and type II and if it is perforated vertically, you will need to check for watermark. If it is perforated horizontally it must be unwatermarked. See the caution below regarding the unwatermarked type II horizontal coil.

Rotary Coil - Type II Watermark Number
Perf 10 horizontally (vertical coil) none 487
Perf 10 vertically (horizontal coil) single-line 454
Perf 10 vertically (horizontal coil) none 491

Care must be taken when examining the type II horizontal coils. Single line watermarks can be very difficult to detect and may escape even very careful scrutiny. The majority of those submitted for expertization are given a negative opinion, that is they are determined to have a watermark. The rarity of the unwatermarked type II horizontal coil is so great, that even a poor copy is worth submitting for certification.

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