Type III Rotary Horizontal Coil

2¢ Washington Head
Type III Perf 10
Rotary Coil

Type III Rotary Vertical Coil

Watermark Check and Type Check : If you have determined that your perf 10 coil is rotary and type III you will need to check for watermark. The type III rotary coils are a little easier than the others in that they are relatively common and there is no type III stock from which to manufacture fakes. Care must be taken with joint line pairs, however.

Rotary Coil - Type III Watermark Number
Perf 10 horizontally (vertical coil) single-line 450
Perf 10 horizontally (vertical coil) none 488
Perf 10 vertically (horizontal coil) single-line 455
Perf 10 vertically (horizontal coil) none 492

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