2¢ Washington Head
Perf 11
Rotary Press

Type Check: This stamp can only be a type III.

Watermark Type Number
none Rotary Press Type III 546

The 2¢ rotary perf 11, Number 546, can be faked by trimming the perforated sides of a type III rotary coil and adding 11 gauge perforations to all four sides. While the type III rotary coil in used condition is very common and the used rotary perf 11 is worth more than the unused stamp, the fakes are too small and are not very convincing. The rotary perf 11 can possibly be faked by trimming and reperforating the perf 10 sides of a rotary type III coil waste perf 11x10 stamp, although the perf 11x10 commands a premium in itself. Used copies of the 2¢ rotary perf 11 should not be purchased without certification.

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