How Does It Work?

Stamp Smarter Listing Reviews are developed using the three simple steps listed below. Note that the amount of time between each step can vary up to a number of days.

1. Members enter a Review of an online stamp listing. The information in the Review that is entered in this step include:
      •  The Review of the listing
      •  Sellers name
      •  Link to the listing
      •  Catalog number (if applicable).
      •  Screen capture of the listing

2. The Review then remains 'open' which allows for additional information to be entered such as
      •  Additional discovery description
      •  Sellers Notification
If there is time, the seller is notified and asked to consider improving the listing.

3. The last step is closing the Review. This occurs when the listing has come to a conclusion (in some fashion). The following information is entered;
      •  Any feedback from the seller
      •  Final disposition of the listing
      •  Sale price (if item sold)

The Reviews that are entered by our Members are made available to all users in both compiled summaries and detailed reports. Since the Reviews contain images and full information regarding faults, flaws, and incorrectly described stamps, they serve as a fantastic tool for helping buyers learning what to look for when making online purchases. And since we also try to proactively work with sellers before a transaction is made, frustration can be avoided by all parties..