Help - Using Filtering

We use three simple steps which reflect the actual process. Note that the steps may have a number of days spanning between them, we enter information at each step.

1. Filters are available above each displayed column; you can use a single filter or enter multiple filters across multiple columns

2. To demonstrate we will filter on the catalog number column to narrow the results for any Review which contains the catalog number "1".

Simply click in the filter box and type the number 1 as shown at right.

Tip; The list will 'auto-filter' every 3 seconds; so you only need to type the '1' and wait a few seconds for the results to be displayed.

3. The filtered list will highlight in yellow the number '1' as shown at right.

4. The default filter criteria is contains but you can change this to meet your needs. For example you can change this to equals as shown at right.
This will then change the filter to display only records for any stamp with a catalog number that equals '1'.

5. To clear the filter simply click on the filter Action icon as shown at right.