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IDThumbnailDateCity or LocationStateSubjectDescriptionColorSource
1 No Image Available  Many cities Transport

Biplane, 'AIR-MAIL SAVES TIME'; [aircraft, postal]

39 No Image Available 1/19/1975PhoenixAZAnimalsThunderbird; Second National Literature Fair; [Native American]blackeudaemon
64 No Image Available 1/1/1934USS Lexington (CV-2) MilitaryMinuteman, aviator wings; the aircraft carrier was nicknamed 'Lady Lex'; [Army, Revolution]blackeudaemon
69 No Image Available 12/29/1930WoosterOHTransportAirplane in circle, from a registered cover; [aircraft]blackeudaemon
74 No Image Available 12/14/1928WashingtonDCTransportBiplane, International Civil Aeronautics Conference; [aircraft] greeneudaemon
89 No Image Available 10/5/1974CranfordNJPostalAmerican Air Mail Society's winged emblem; [philately]blackeudaemon
168 No Image Available 10/27/1974OlympiaWATransportPrivate plane and control tower; [aircraft]blackeudaemon
169 No Image Available 10/27/1974OlympiaWATransportPrivate plane and control tower; [aircraft]ultramarineeudaemon
206 No Image Available 8/27/1958U.S. Pavilion, Brussels, Belgium EventsBrussels Worlds Fair emblem; used by the US post office thereblackeudaemon
237 No Image Available 3/24/1979AnaheimCATransportGlobe and various transportation methods; [aircraft, boat, horse, postal, train, truck, running]blackeudaemon
250 No Image Available 8/23/1974SacramentoCAEventsCalifornia State Fairblackeudaemon
267 No Image Available 9/25/1934BrooklynNYMilitaryNaval cadet with flag; U.S. receiving ship; probably the USS Fairfax; [Navy] blueeudaemon
288 No Image Available 11/29/1934BrooklynNYAnimals

Turkey on Thanksgiving Day cover; U.S. receiving ship, probably USS Fairfax; [bird]

310 No Image Available 5/21/1978HammondsportsNYTransportSeaplane; [aircraft]blackeudaemon
321 No Image Available 8/5/1982SpringfieldILEventsState fair entrance with windmill, rooster, carousel, prize ribbon; [bird, horse]blackeudaemon
322 No Image Available 5/21/1977Staten IslandNYTransportLindbergh's 'Spirit of St. Louis'; [aircraft]blackeudaemon
324 No Image Available 4/1/1974United States Air Force AcademyCOMilitaryFigure '20'; [Air Force]blackeudaemon
325 No Image Available 4/29/1978WausauWITransportAmelia Earhart; 'Friendship'; [aircraft]blackeudaemon
339 No Image Available 2/26/1983AnaheimCATransportWright flyer airplane; [aircraft]blackeudaemon
342 No Image Available 6/17/1978CheyenneWYTransportAmelia Earhart, seaplane; [aircraft]blackeudaemon
344 No Image Available 1/16/1977CarsonCATransportWright Flyer, Dominguez Hills international air meet; [aircraft]blackeudaemon
349 No Image Available 7/9/1983ConcordCAPeopleMan in wheelchair, dogblackeudaemon
356 No Image Available 9/18/1997Hot Springs National ParkARTransportC-130 Hercules transport; [aircraft]blackeudaemon
365 No Image Available 7/2/1983New YorkNYTransport

USS Intrepid aircraft carrier; [Navy, ship]

394 No Image Available 8/14/1993EverettWATransportStunt biplane; Paine Field air show; [aircraft]blackeudaemon