IDThumbnailDateCity or LocationStateSubjectDescriptionColorSource
1 No Image Available  Many cities Postal

Biplane, 'AIR-MAIL SAVES TIME'; [aircraft]

2 No Image Available 8/28/1988JacksonvilleFLOrganizationsSalute to the Sister Cities Program promoting world peace; Jaxpex Stationgreendon
3 No Image Available 10/18/1933AcornTNPlantsAcorn, from a registered cover; [tree]blueeudaemon
4 No Image Available 12/14/1939USS Lexington (CV-2) MilitaryMinuteman; [Army, Revolution]blueeudaemon
5 No Image Available 9/20/1932AmericaILPatrioticFrom a registered cover; ornaments and 'USA' letters might be separatevioleteudaemon
6 No Image Available 12/21/1932AnchorKYTransportLarge anchor, from a registered cover; [ship]blueeudaemon
7 No Image Available 1/10/1975AnaheimCAHistoryCalifornia state flag blackeudaemon
8 No Image Available 6/24/1934AnchorKYTransportSmall anchor, from a first class cover used later than previously reported; [ship]violeteudaemon
9 No Image Available 4/2/1934AntelopeMTAnimalsAntelope in circle, from a first class coverblackeudaemon
10 No Image Available 12/27/1930Bad AxeMIHouseholdHatchet with blade nicks, from a registered cover with other fancy cancels greeneudaemon