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IDThumbnailDateCity or LocationStateSubjectDescriptionColorSource
119 No Image Available 11/16/1897BinghamtonNYPatrioticUS flag with '1'; used 1897-1898blackeudaemon
1153 No Image Available 5/13/1897ChicagoILPatriotic

US flag with 'R' ; used 1897-1899

1154 No Image Available 2/23/1897ChicagoILPatriotic

US flag with 'Q' ; used 1897-1899

1223 No Image Available 12/23/1897New YorkNYPatrioticUS flag with '2'; used 1897-1898blackeudaemon
1232 No Image Available  ProctorsvilleVTSymbolsunknown geometric blackeudaemon
1281 No Image Available 2/17/1897Boston (Sta. A)MAPatrioticUS flag with '1'; used 1897-1898blackeudaemon
1282 No Image Available 2/17/1897BostonMAPatrioticInvolute US flag with 'C'; used Feb.-Nov. 1897 blackeudaemon
1652 No Image Available 8/31/1897New YorkNYPatrioticUS flag with '22'; used 1897 onlyblackeudaemon
1704 No Image Available 2/2/1897CantonOHPatrioticUS flag with '1'; used 1897 onlyblackeudaemon
1768 No Image Available 9/30/1897LawrenceMAPatrioticUS flag with '1'; used 1896-1898blackeudaemon