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Total Number of Cancels for
IDThumbnailDateCity or LocationStateSubjectDescriptionColorSource
9 No Image Available 4/2/1934AntelopeMTAnimalsAntelope in circle, from a first class coverblackeudaemon
15 No Image Available 11/7/1929BearARAnimalsOne of two bear designs used by the townblackeudaemon
16 No Image Available 8/2/1933Beaver PondOHAnimalsBeaver, from a first class coverbrowneudaemon
18 No Image Available 6/30/1934Blue JayWVAnimalsBlue jay, from a first class cover; [bird]blueeudaemon
20 No Image Available 9/21/1932Buffalo HartILAnimalsBison/buffalo and heart, from a registered cover; [symbols]violeteudaemon
22 No Image Available 10/10/1929BugKYAnimalsBug, from a registered cover with multiple strikes; [insect]violeteudaemon
27 No Image Available 6/15/1930ChickenAKAnimalsChicken, from a registered cover with multiple strikes; [bird]violeteudaemon
30 No Image Available 12/3/1930FinchMTAnimalsFinch; 3 strikes on a registered cover; [bird]violeteudaemon
32 No Image Available 12/2/1930HentonILAnimalsHen, from a registered cover with multiple cancel strikes; [bird]blackeudaemon
34 No Image Available 3/27/1931Horse HeavenWAAnimalsHorse, from a first class cover with blue M.O.B. cdsblackeudaemon