1776-great fire in NY
1784-1st daily newspaper in US begins publication in Penn
1792-1st French Republic declared
1895-1st auto manufacturer opens -- Duryea Motor Wagon Company
1906-Yankee 1st baseman Hal Chase\s 22 put outs ties the record
1929-1st legal forward pass in Canadian senior football thrown (Calgary)
1930-Johann Ostermeyer patents his invention the flashbulb
1954-"the nuclear submarine \""Nautilus\"" is commissioned"
1956-Yanks set dubious record stranding 20 men on base Mantle hits a 500 foot plus homer but Red Sox win 13-9 in Fenway
1957-Perry Mason premiers
1958-1st airplane flight exceeding 1200 hours landed Dallas Texas
1958-Oriole knuckler Hoyt Wilhelm no hits Yankees 1-0
1964-Malta gains independence from Britain
1970-Monday Night Football on ABC premiers - Jets vs Browns
1971-John Lennon & Yoko Ono were Dick Cavett\s only guest
1973-Diana Sands dies at 39
1974-Jaqueline Susann dies at 53
1974-US Mariner 10 makes second fly-by of Mercury
1980-Richard Todd of the Jets completes 42 passes in a game (NFL record)
1981-Sandra Day O\Conner becomes the 1st female Supreme Court Justice
1981-Belize gains independence from Britain (National Day)
1982-Devils beat Rangers 3-2 in exhibition - 1st hockey in Meadowlands
1982-SF cable cars cease operations for 2 years of repairs