Stamp Smarter Checklist 1900-1920
  Scott NumberDenominationDescriptionPerforation
Thumbnail 2941cPan-American Exposition12
Thumbnail 2952cPan-American Exosition - Empire State Express12
Thumbnail 2964cAutomobile12
Thumbnail 2975cPan-Am Expo Issue12
Thumbnail 2988cPan-Am Expo Issue12
Thumbnail 29910cPan-Am Expo Issue12
Thumbnail 3001cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 300b1cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 3012cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 301c6x2cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3023cAndrew Jackson12
Thumbnail 3034cUlysses S. Grant12
Thumbnail 3045cAbraham Lincoln12
Thumbnail 3056cJames Garfield12
Thumbnail 3068cMartha Washington12
Thumbnail 30710cDaniel Webster12
Thumbnail 30813cBenjamin Harrison12
Thumbnail 30915cHenry Clay12
Thumbnail 31050cThomas Jefferson12
Thumbnail 311$1 Farragut12
Thumbnail 312$2 James Madison12
Thumbnail 313$5 Marshall12
Thumbnail 3141cBenjamin FranklinImperforated
Thumbnail 314A4cUlysis S. GrantImperforated
Thumbnail 3155cAbraham LincolnImperforated
Thumbnail 3161cBenjamin Franklin12H
Thumbnail 3175cAbraham Lincoln12H
Thumbnail 3181cBenjamin Franklin12V
Thumbnail 3192cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 319b2cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 319c2cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 319d2cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 319e2cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 319f2cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 319i2cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 319j2cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 319k2cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3202cGeorge Washington, Type IImperforated
Thumbnail 320a2cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 3222cGeorge Washington12V
Thumbnail 3231cLivingston12
Thumbnail 3242cLouisiana Purchase Exposition12
Thumbnail 3253cMonroe12
Thumbnail 3265cMcKinley12
Thumbnail 32710cMap of Louisiana Purchase12
Thumbnail 3281cFounding of Jamestown: Capt. John Smith12
Thumbnail 3292cFounding of Jamestown, 160712
Thumbnail 3305cFounding of Jamestown: Pocahontas12
Thumbnail 3311cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 3322cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3333cGeorge Washington12 x 12
Thumbnail 3344cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3355cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3366cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3378cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 337a8cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 33810cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 33913cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 34015cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 34150cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 342$1 George Washington12
Thumbnail 3431cBenjamin FranklinImperforated
Thumbnail 3442cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 3453cGeorge Washington, Type IImperforated
Thumbnail 3464cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 3475cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 3481cBenjamin Franklin12 horiz.
Thumbnail 3492cGeorge Washington12H
Thumbnail 3504cGeorge Washington12H
Thumbnail 3515cGeorge Washington12H
Thumbnail 3521cBenjamin Franklin12 vert.
Thumbnail 3532cGeorge Washington12 vert.
Thumbnail 3544cGeorge Washington12 vert.
Thumbnail 3555cGeorge Washington12 vert.
Thumbnail 35610cGeorge Washington12 vert
Thumbnail 3571cBenjamin Franklin, Bluish Paper12
Thumbnail 3582cGeorge Washington, Bluish Paper12
Thumbnail 3593cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3604cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3615cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3626cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3638cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 36410cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 36513cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 36615cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3672cLincoln12
Thumbnail 3682cLincoln Centenary of BirthImperforated
Thumbnail 3692cLincoln Centenary of Birth, Bluish Paper12
Thumbnail 3702cAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition: William Seward12
Thumbnail 3712cAlaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition: William SewardImperforated
Thumbnail 3722cHudson-Fulton Celebration: 'Half-Moon'  and  Steamship12
Thumbnail 3732cHudson-Fulton Celebration: 'Half-Moon'  and  SteamshipImperforated
Thumbnail 3741cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 374a1cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 3752cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 375a2cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 375b2cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3763cGeorge Washington, Type I12
Thumbnail 3774cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3785cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3796cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3808cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 38110cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 38215cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 3831cBenjamin FranklinImperforated
Thumbnail 3842cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 3851cBenjamin Franklin12 horiz.
Thumbnail 3862cGeorge Washington12 horiz.
Thumbnail 3871cBenjamin Franklin12 vert.
Thumbnail 3882cGeorge Washington12V
Thumbnail 3893cGeorge Washington12 Vert.
Thumbnail 3901cBenjamin Franklin8.5 H
Thumbnail 3912cGeorge Washington8½ horiz.
Thumbnail 3921cBenjamin Franklin8½ vert.
Thumbnail 3932cGeorge Washington8½ vert.
Thumbnail 3943cGeorge Washington, Type I8½ vert.
Thumbnail 3954cGeorge Washington8½ vert.
Thumbnail 3965cGeorge Washington8½ vert
Thumbnail 3971cV.N. de Balboa12
Thumbnail 3982cPanama Canal12
Thumbnail 3995cGolden Gate12
Thumbnail 40010cDiscovery of San Francisco Bay12
Thumbnail 400A1cDiscovery of San Francisco Bay10
Thumbnail 4011cBalboa10
Thumbnail 4022cPedro Miguel Locks, Panama Canal10
Thumbnail 4035cGolden Gate10
Thumbnail 40410cDiscovery of San Francisco Bay10
Thumbnail 4051cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 405b1cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 4062cGeorge Washington, Type I12
Thumbnail 406a2cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 406c2cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 4077cGeorge Washington12
Thumbnail 4081cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 4092cGeorge Washington, Type IImperforated
Thumbnail 4101cGeorge Washington8½ horiz.
Thumbnail 4112cGeorge Washington, Type I8½ horiz
Thumbnail 4121cGeorge Washington8½ horiz.
Thumbnail 4132cGeorge Washington8½ vert.
Thumbnail 4148cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 4159cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 41610cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 416a10cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 41712cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 41815cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 41920cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 42030cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 42150cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 42250cBenjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 423$1 Benjamin Franklin12
Thumbnail 4241cGeorge Washington10
Thumbnail 4252cGeorge Washington, Type I10
Thumbnail 4263cGeorge Washington, Type I10
Thumbnail 4274cGeorge Washington10
Thumbnail 4285cGeorge Washington10
Thumbnail 4296cGeorge Washington10
Thumbnail 4307cGeorge Washington10
Thumbnail 4318cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 4329cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 43310cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 43411cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 43512cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 43715cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 43820cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 43930cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 44050cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 4411cGeorge Washington10 horiz.
Thumbnail 4422cGeorge Washington, Type I10 horiz.
Thumbnail 4431cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4442cGeorge Washington, Type I10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4453cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4464cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4475cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4481cGeorge Washington10 horiz.
Thumbnail 4492cGeorge Washington10 Horz.
Thumbnail 4502cGeorge Washington10 horiz.
Thumbnail 4521cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4532cGeorge Washington, Type I10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4542cGeorge Washington, Type II10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4552cGeorge Washington, Type III10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4563cGeorge Washington, Type I10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4574cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4585cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4592cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 460$1 Benjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 4612cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 4621cGeorge Washington10
Thumbnail 4632cGeorge Washington, Type I10 vert.
Thumbnail 4643cGeorge Washington, Type I10
Thumbnail 4654cGeorge Washington10
Thumbnail 4665cGeorge Washington10
Thumbnail 4675cGeorge Washington10
Thumbnail 4686cGeorge Washington10
Thumbnail 4697cGeorge Washington10
Thumbnail 4708cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 4719cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 47210cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 47311cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 47412cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 47515cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 47620cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 476A30cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 47750cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 478$1 Benjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 479$2 James Madison10
Thumbnail 480$5 John Marshall10
Thumbnail 4811cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 4822cGeorge Washington, Type IImperforated
Thumbnail 482A2cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 4833cGeorge Washington, Type IImperforated
Thumbnail 4843cGeorge Washington, Type IIImperforated
Thumbnail 4855cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 4861cGeorge Washington10 horiz.
Thumbnail 4872cGeorge Washington, Type I10 horiz.
Thumbnail 4882cGeorge Washington, Type III10 horiz.
Thumbnail 4893cGeorge Washington, Type I10 horiz.
Thumbnail 4901cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4912cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4922cGeorge Washington, Type III10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4933cGeorge Washington, Type I10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4943cGeorge Washington, Type II10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4954cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4965cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 4981cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 498e1cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 4992cGeorge Washington, Type I11
Thumbnail 499e2cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 5002cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 5013cGeorge Washington, Type I11
Thumbnail 501b3cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 5023cGeorge Washington, Type II11
Thumbnail 502b3cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 5034cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 5045cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 5055cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 5066cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 5077cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 5088cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 5099cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 51010cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 510a10cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 51111cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 51212cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 512a12cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 51313cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 51415cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 51520cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 51630cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 51750cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 518$1 Benjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 518b$1 Benjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 5192cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 523$2 Benjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 524$5 Benjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 5251cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 525a1cGeorge Washington11 x 11
Thumbnail 5262cGeorge Washington, Type IV11
Thumbnail 5272cGeorge Washington, Type V11
Thumbnail 5282cGeorge Washington, Type Va11
Thumbnail 528A2cGeorge Washington, Type VI11
Thumbnail 528B2cGeorge Washington, Type VII11
Thumbnail 5293cGeorge Washington, Type III11
Thumbnail 5303cGeorge Washington, Type IV11
Thumbnail 5311cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 5322cGeorge Washington, Type IVImperforated
Thumbnail 5332cGeorge Washington, Type VImperforated
Thumbnail 5342cGeorge Washington, Type VaImperforated
Thumbnail 534A2cGeorge Washington, Type VIImperforated
Thumbnail 534B2cGeorge Washington, Type VIIImperforated
Thumbnail 5353cGeorge Washington, Type IVImperforated
Thumbnail 5361cGeorge Washington12½
Thumbnail 5373cWW1 Victory Issue11
Thumbnail 537a3cWW1 Victory Issue11
Thumbnail 5381cGeorge Washington (Coil Waste)11 x 10
Thumbnail 5392cGeorge Washington11x10
Thumbnail 5402cGeorge Washington, Type III (Coil Waste)11 x 10
Thumbnail 5413cGeorge Washington, Type II (Coil Waste)11 x 10
Thumbnail 5421cGeorge Washington (Coil Waste)10 x11
Thumbnail 547$2 Benjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 547a$2 Benjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 5481cThe Mayflower11
Thumbnail 5492cLanding of the Pilgrims11
Thumbnail 5505cSigning of the Compact11