Stamp Smarter Checklist 1921-1940
Thumbnail 49710cBenjamin Franklin10 Vert.
Thumbnail 5431cGeorge Washington (Coil Waste)10
Thumbnail 5441cGeorge Washington11 x 11
Thumbnail 5451cGeorge Washington11 x 11
Thumbnail 5462cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 551½cNathan Hale11
Thumbnail 5521cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 552a1cBenjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 5531½cWarren G. Harding11
Thumbnail 5542cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 5553cAbraham Lincoln11
Thumbnail 5564cMartha Washington11
Thumbnail 5575cTheodore Roosevelt11
Thumbnail 5586cGarfield11
Thumbnail 5597cWilliam McKinley11
Thumbnail 5608cUlysis S. Grant11
Thumbnail 5619cThomas Jefferson11
Thumbnail 56210cMonroe11
Thumbnail 56311cRutherford B. Hayes11
Thumbnail 56412cGrover Cleveland11
Thumbnail 56514cAmerican Indian11
Thumbnail 56615cStatue Of Liberty11
Thumbnail 56720cGolden Gate11
Thumbnail 56825cNiagara Falls11
Thumbnail 56930cBuffalo11
Thumbnail 57050cArlington Amphitheater11
Thumbnail 571$1 Lincoln Memorial11
Thumbnail 572$2 U.S. Capitol11
Thumbnail 573$5 America11
Thumbnail 573a$5 Head Of Freedom Statue, Capitol Dome11
Thumbnail 5751cBenjamin FranklinImperforated
Thumbnail 5761½cWarren G. HardingImperforated
Thumbnail 5772cGeorge WashingtonImperforated
Thumbnail 5781cBenjamin Franklin11x10
Thumbnail 5792cGeorge Washington11x10
Thumbnail 5811cBenjamin Franklin10
Thumbnail 5821½cWarren G.Harding10
Thumbnail 5832cGeorge Washington10
Thumbnail 5843cAbraham Lincoln10
Thumbnail 5854cMartha Washington10
Thumbnail 5865cTheodore Roosevelt10
Thumbnail 5876cGarfield10
Thumbnail 5887cWilliam McKinley10
Thumbnail 5898cUlysses S. Grant10
Thumbnail 5909cThomas Jefferson10
Thumbnail 59110cJames Monroe10
Thumbnail 5952cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 5971cBenjamin Franklin10 Vert.
Thumbnail 5981½cWarren G. Harding10 Vert.
Thumbnail 5992cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 599A2cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 6003cAbraham Lincoln10 Vert.
Thumbnail 6014cMartha Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 6025cTheodore Roosevelt10 Vert.
Thumbnail 60310cJames Monroe10 Vert.
Thumbnail 6041cBenjamin Franklin10 horiz.
Thumbnail 6051½cWarren G. Harding10 horiz.
Thumbnail 6062cGeorge Washington10 horiz.
Thumbnail 6102cWarren G. Harding11
Thumbnail 6112cHardingImperforated
Thumbnail 6122cHarding Memorial10
Thumbnail 6132cHarding Memorial Issue11
Thumbnail 6141cHuguenot-Walloon Tercentenary: "New Netherlands"11
Thumbnail 6152cHuguenot-Walloon Tercentenary: Landing at Fort Orange11
Thumbnail 6165cHuguenot-Walloon Tercentenary: Monument at Mayport11
Thumbnail 6171cWashington at Cambridge11
Thumbnail 6182cBirth of Liberty11
Thumbnail 6195cThe Minute Men11
Thumbnail 6202cSloop Restaurationen11
Thumbnail 6215cViking Ship11
Thumbnail 62213cBenjamin Harrison11
Thumbnail 62317cWoodrow Wilson11
Thumbnail 6272cLiberty Bell11
Thumbnail 6285cJohn Ericsson Statue11
Thumbnail 6292cHamilton's Battery11
Thumbnail 6302cWhite Plains Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 6311.5cWarren G. HardingImperforated
Thumbnail 6321cBenjamin Franklin11x10½
Thumbnail 632a1cFranklin, Ben11x10½
Thumbnail 6331½cWarren G. Harding11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6342cGeorge Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 634d2cGeorge Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 6353cAbraham Lincoln11x10½
Thumbnail 635a3cLincoln, Abraham11x10.5
Thumbnail 6364cMartha Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 6375cTheodore Roosevelt11x10½
Thumbnail 6386cJames Garfield11x10½
Thumbnail 6397cWilliam McKinley11x10½
Thumbnail 6408cUlysses S. Grant11x10½
Thumbnail 6419cThomas Jefferson11x10½
Thumbnail 64210cJames Monroe11x10½
Thumbnail 6432cVermont Sesquicentennial11
Thumbnail 6442cBurgoyne Campaign Issue11
Thumbnail 6452cValley Forge Issue11
Thumbnail 6462cBattle of Monmouth Issue11x10½
Thumbnail 6472cHawaii Sesquicentennial Issue11x10½
Thumbnail 6485cHawaii Sesquicentennial Issue11x10½
Thumbnail 6492cAeronautics Conference Issue, Wright Airplane11
Thumbnail 6505cAeronautics Conference Issue, Globe  and  Airplane11
Thumbnail 6512cSurrender of Fort Sackville11
Thumbnail 653½cNathan Hale11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6542cEdison's First Lamp11
Thumbnail 6552cEdison's First Lamp11x10½
Thumbnail 6562cEdison's First Lamp10 Vert.
Thumbnail 6572cMaj. Gen. John Sullivan11
Thumbnail 657a2cSullivan Expedition Issue11
Thumbnail 6581cBenjamin Franklin11x10½
Thumbnail 6591½ cWarren G. Harding11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6602cGeorge Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 6613cAbraham Lincoln11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6624cMartha Washington11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6635cTheodore Roosevelt11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6646cJames A. Garfield11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6657cWilliam McKinley11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6668cUlysses S. Grant11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6679cThomas Jefferson11 x 10½
Thumbnail 66810cJames Monroe11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6691cBenjamin Franklin11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6701.5cNebraska Overprints11x10½
Thumbnail 6712cGeorge Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 6723cNebraska Overprints11x10½
Thumbnail 6734cMartha Washington11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6745cNebraska Overprints11x10½
Thumbnail 6756cJames A. Garfield11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6767cNebraska Overprints11x10½
Thumbnail 6778cUlysses S. Grant11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6789cThomas Jefferson11 x 10½
Thumbnail 67910cJames Monroe11x10½
Thumbnail 6802cGen. Anthony Wayne Memorial11
Thumbnail 6812cOhio River Canalization11
Thumbnail 6822cMassachusetts Bay Colony11
Thumbnail 6832cCarolina-Charleston, S.C. anniv. Issue11
Thumbnail 6841½cWarren G. Harding11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6854cWilliam H. Taft11 x 10½
Thumbnail 6861½cWarren G. Harding10 Vert.
Thumbnail 6874cWilliam H. Taft10 Vert.
Thumbnail 6882cBraddock's Field Issue11
Thumbnail 6892cGeneral Von Steuben11
Thumbnail 6902cGeneral Pulaski11
Thumbnail 69211cRutherford B. Hayes11 x 10½
Thumbnail 69312cGrover Cleveland11 x 10½
Thumbnail 69413cBenjamin Harrison11x10½
Thumbnail 69514cAmerican Indian11x10½
Thumbnail 69615cStatue of Liberty11 x 10½
Thumbnail 69717cWoodrow Wilson10½x11
Thumbnail 69820cGolden Gate10½ x 11
Thumbnail 69925cNiagara Falls10½ x 11
Thumbnail 70030cBison10½ x 11
Thumbnail 70150cAmphitheater10½x11
Thumbnail 7022c"The Greatest Mother"11
Thumbnail 7032cYorktown Issue11
Thumbnail 704½cWashington at 4511 x 10½
Thumbnail 7051cWashington Bicentennial Issue11x10½
Thumbnail 7061½cWashington at 4011 x 10½
Thumbnail 7072cWashington at 6411 x 10½
Thumbnail 7083cWashington Bicentennial Issue11x10½
Thumbnail 7094cWashington at 4911 x 10½
Thumbnail 7105cWashington at 6311 x 10½
Thumbnail 7116cWashington at 6011 x 10½
Thumbnail 7127cWashington at 4811 x 10½
Thumbnail 7138cWashington at 6611 x 10½
Thumbnail 7149cWashington at 6211 x 10½
Thumbnail 71510cWashington at 6311 x 10½
Thumbnail 7162cIII Olympic Winter Games - Skier11
Thumbnail 7172cBoy and Girl Planting Tree - Arbor Day11x10½
Thumbnail 7183cRunner at Starting Mark - Xth Olympiad - Los Angeles 193211 x 10½
Thumbnail 7195cMyron's Discobolus11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7203cGeorge Washington11 x 10½
Thumbnail 720b3cGeorge Washington11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7213cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 7223cGeorge Washington10 horiz.
Thumbnail 7236cJames A. Garfield10 Vert.
Thumbnail 7243cWilliam Penn11
Thumbnail 7253cDaniel Webster11
Thumbnail 7263cGeneral James Edward Oglethorpe11
Thumbnail 7273cWashington's headquarters at Newburgh11
Thumbnail 7281cFort Dearborn10½ x 11
Thumbnail 7293cFederal Building10½ x 11
Thumbnail 7301cFort DearbornImperforated
Thumbnail 7313cFederal BuildingImperforated
Thumbnail 7323cNational Recovery Act10½ x 11
Thumbnail 7333cByrd Antarctic Issue11
Thumbnail 7345cGeneral Kosciuszko11
Thumbnail 7353cNatl. Stamp Exhibition IssueImperforated
Thumbnail 7363cMaryland Tercentenary11
Thumbnail 7373cMothers Of America11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7383cMothers Of America11
Thumbnail 7393cWisconsin Tercentenary - Nicolet's Landing11
Thumbnail 7401cNational Parks: Yosemite, El Capitan11
Thumbnail 7412cNational Parks: Grand Canyon11
Thumbnail 7423cNational Parks: Mt. Ranier, Mirror Lake11
Thumbnail 7434cNational Parks: Mesa Verde, Cliff Palce11
Thumbnail 7445cNational Parks: Yellowstone, Old Faithful11
Thumbnail 7456cNational Parks: Crater Lake11
Thumbnail 7467cNational Parks: Acadia Park11
Thumbnail 7478cNational Parks: Zion Park11
Thumbnail 7489cNational Parks: Glacier National Park11
Thumbnail 74910cNational Parks: Great Smoky Mountains11
Thumbnail 7503cMt. Rainier  and  Mirror LakeImperforated
Thumbnail 7511cEl Capitan, YosemiteImperforated
Thumbnail 7523cType of Peace Issue10½x11
Thumbnail 7533cType of Byrd Issue11
Thumbnail 7543cWhistler's MotherImperforated
Thumbnail 7553cWisconsin Tercentenary IssueImperforated
Thumbnail 7561cNational Parks: Yosemite, El CapitanImperforated
Thumbnail 7572cNational Parks: Grand CanyonImperforated
Thumbnail 7583cNational Parks: Mt. Ranier, Mirror LakeImperforated
Thumbnail 7594cNational Parks: Mesa Verde, Cliff PalaceImperforated
Thumbnail 7605cNational Parks: Yellowstone, Old FaithfulImperforated
Thumbnail 7616cNational Parks: Crater LakeImperforated
Thumbnail 7627cNational Parks: Acadia ParkImperforated
Thumbnail 7638cNational Parks: Zion ParkImperforated
Thumbnail 7649cNational Parks: Glacier National ParkImperforated
Thumbnail 76510cNational Parks: Smokey MountainsImperforated
Thumbnail 7661cCentury of Progress IssueImperforated
Thumbnail 7673cFederal BuildingImperforated
Thumbnail 7683cByrd Antarctic IssueImperforated
Thumbnail 7691cNational Parks IssueImperforated
Thumbnail 7703cNational Parks IssueImperforated
Thumbnail 77116cGreat Seal of the United StatesImperforated
Thumbnail 7723cConnecticutTercentenary - Charter Oak11x10½
Thumbnail 7733cCal.-Pacific Exposition11x10½
Thumbnail 7743cBoulder Dam11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7753cMichigan Centenary11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7763cSam Houston, Stephen F. Austin and the Alamo11x10½
Thumbnail 7773cRhode Island Tercentenary - Statue of Roger Williams10½x11
Thumbnail 7780.03Third International Philatelic Expo Souvenir SheetImperforated
Thumbnail 7823cArkansas 10011 x 10½
Thumbnail 7833cOregon Territory11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7843cSusan B. Anthony11x10½
Thumbnail 7851cGeorge Waashington, Nathanael Greene and Mt. Vernon11x10½
Thumbnail 7862cHermitage11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7873cSherman - Grant - Sheridan11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7884cStratford Hall11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7895cWest Point11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7901cJohn Paul Jones  and  J. Barry11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7912cStephen Decatur  and  T. Macdonough11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7923cDavid Farragut  and  D. Porter11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7934cWilliam Sampson  and  Schley  and  Dewey11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7945cNaval Cadets11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7953cNorthwest Territory Ordinance11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7965cVirginia Dare11
Thumbnail 79710cSociety of Philatelic AmericansImperforated
Thumbnail 7983cConstitution 150th11 x 10½
Thumbnail 7993cHawaii10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8003cAlaska11 x 10½
Thumbnail 8013cPuerto Rico11 x 10½
Thumbnail 8023cVirgin Islands11x10½  
Thumbnail 8041cGeorge Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 804b1cGeorge Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 8051.5cMartha Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 8062cJohn Adams11x10½
Thumbnail 806b2cJohn Adams11x10½
Thumbnail 8073cThomas Jefferson11x10½
Thumbnail 807a3cThomas Jefferson11x10½
Thumbnail 8084cJames Madison11x10½
Thumbnail 8094.5cThe White House11x10½
Thumbnail 8105cJames Monroe11x10½
Thumbnail 8116cJohn Quincy Adams11 x 10½
Thumbnail 8127cAndrew Jackson11x10½
Thumbnail 8138cMartin Van Buren11 x 10½
Thumbnail 8149cBenjamin Harrison11 x 10½
Thumbnail 81510cJohn Tyler11 x 10½
Thumbnail 81611cJames K. Polk11 x 10½
Thumbnail 81712cZachary Taylor11x10½
Thumbnail 81813cMillard Fillmore11 x 10½
Thumbnail 81914cFranklin Pierce11 x 10½
Thumbnail 82015cJames Buchanan11x10½
Thumbnail 82116cAbraham Lincoln11x10½
Thumbnail 82217cAndrew Johnson11x10½
Thumbnail 82318cUlysses S. Grant11x10½
Thumbnail 82419cRutherford B. Hayes11x10½
Thumbnail 82520cJames A. Garfield11 x 10½
Thumbnail 82621cChester Arthur11x10½  
Thumbnail 82722cGrover Cleveland11x10½
Thumbnail 82824cBenjamin Harrison11x10½
Thumbnail 82925cWilliam McKinley11x10½
Thumbnail 83030cTheodore Roosevelt11x10½
Thumbnail 83150cWilliam Taft11x10½  
Thumbnail 832$1 Woodrow Wilson11
Thumbnail 832b$1 Woodrow Wilson11
Thumbnail 832c$1 Woodrow Wilson11
Thumbnail 833$2 Warren G. Harding11
Thumbnail 834$5 Calvin Coolidge11
Thumbnail 834a$5 Coolidge, Calvin11
Thumbnail 8353cOld Court House, Williamsburg, Va.11x10½
Thumbnail 8363cSwedish-Finnish Tercentenary11
Thumbnail 8373cNorthwest Territory Sesquicentennial11 x 10½
Thumbnail 8383cIowa Territory Centennial11x10½
Thumbnail 8391cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 8401½cMartha Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 8412cJohn Adams10 Vert.
Thumbnail 8423cThomas Jefferson10 Vert.
Thumbnail 8434cJames Madison10 Vert.
Thumbnail 8444 1/2cThe White House10 Vert.
Thumbnail 8455cJames Monroe10 Vert.
Thumbnail 8466cJohn Quincy Adams10 Vert.
Thumbnail 84710cJames Tyler10 Vert.
Thumbnail 8481cGeorge Washington10 Horz.
Thumbnail 8491½cMartha Washington10 horiz.
Thumbnail 8502cJohn Adams10 horiz.
Thumbnail 8513cThomas Jefferson10 Horz.
Thumbnail 8523cGolden Gate Expo10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8533cN.Y. Worlds Fair10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8543cWashington Taking Oath of Office11
Thumbnail 8553cBaseball Centennial11 x 10½
Thumbnail 8563cPanama Canal11
Thumbnail 8573cPrinting Tercentenary10½x11
Thumbnail 8583c50th Anniversary of Statehood11 x 10½
Thumbnail 8591cFamous Americans-Authors: Washington Irving10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8602cFamous Americans-Authors: James Fenimore Cooper10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8613cFamous Americans-Authors: Ralph Waldo Emerson10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8625cFamous Americans-Authors: Louisa May Alcott10½ x 11
Thumbnail 86310cFamous Americans-Authors: Samuel L. Clemens10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8641cFamous Americans-Poets: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8652cFamous Americans-Poets: John Greeleaf Whittier10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8663cFamous Americans-Poets: James Russell Lowell10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8675cFamous Americans-Poets: Walt Whitman10½ x 11
Thumbnail 86810cFamous Americans-Poets: James Whitcomb Riley10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8691cFamous Americans-Educators: Horace Mann10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8702cFamous Americans-Educators: Mark Hopkins10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8713cFamous Americans-Educators: Charles W. Eliot10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8725cFamous Americans-Educators: Frances E. Willard10½ x 11
Thumbnail 87310cFamous Americans-Educators: Booker T. Washington10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8741cFamous Americans-Scientists: John James Audubon10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8752cFamous Americans-Scientists: Dr. Crawford W. Long10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8763cFamous Americans-Scientists: Luther Burbank10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8775cFamous Americans-Scientists: Dr. Walter Reed10½ x 11
Thumbnail 87810cFamous Americans-Scientists: Jane Addams10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8791cFamous Americans-Composers: Stephen Collins Foster10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8802cFamous Americans-Composers: John Philip Sousa10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8813cFamous Americans-Composers: Victor Herbert10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8825cFamous Americans-Composers: Edward MacDowell10½ x 11
Thumbnail 88310cFamous Americans-Composers: Ethelbert Nevin10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8841cFamous Americans-Artists: Gilbert Charles Stuart10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8852cFamous Americans-Artists: James A. McNeill Whistler10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8863cFamous Americans-Artists: Augustus St. Gaudens10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8875cFamous Americans-Artists: Daniel Chester French10½ x 11
Thumbnail 88810cFamous Americans-Artists: Frederic Remington10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8891cFamous Americans-Inventors: Eli Whitney10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8902cFamous Americans-Inventors: Samuel F. B. Morse10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8913cFamous Americans-Inventors: Cyrus Hall McCormick10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8925cFamous Americans-Inventors: Elias Howe10½ x 11
Thumbnail 89310cFamous Americans-Inventors: Alexander Graham Bell10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8943cPony Express11 x 10½
Thumbnail 8953cPan Am Union10½ x 11
Thumbnail 8963cIdaho Statehood11 x 10½
Thumbnail 8973cWyoming Statehood11 x 10½
Thumbnail 8983cCoronado Expedition11 x 10½
Thumbnail 8991cNational Defense Issue - Statue of Liberty11x10½
Thumbnail 9002c90 MM Gun11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9013cTorch Of Enlightenment11x10½
Thumbnail 9023c13th Amendment10½ x 11
Thumbnail 634A2cGeorge Washington11x10½