Stamp Smarter Checklist 1941-1950
Thumbnail 9033cVermont Statehood11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9043cKentucky Statehood11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9053cWin The War11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9065cChinese Resistance11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9072cNations United for Victory11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9081cFour Freedoms11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9095cOverrun Countries Flag: Poland12
Thumbnail 9105cCzechoslovakia12
Thumbnail 9115cOverrun Countries Flag: Norway12
Thumbnail 9125cOverrun Countries Flag: Luxembourg12
Thumbnail 9135cOverrun Countries Flag: Netherlands12
Thumbnail 9145cOverrun Countries Flag: Belgium12
Thumbnail 9155cOverrun Countries Flag: France12
Thumbnail 9165cOverrun Countries Flag: Greece12
Thumbnail 9175cOverrun Countries Flag: Yugoslovia12
Thumbnail 9185cOverrun Countries Flag: Albania12
Thumbnail 9195cOverrun Countries Flag: Austria12
Thumbnail 9205cOverrun Countries Flag: Denmark12
Thumbnail 9215cOverrun Countries Flag: Korea12
Thumbnail 9223c1st Transcontinental Railroad, 75th Anniversary11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9233cSteamship11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9243cTelegraph11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9253cPhilippines11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9263cMotion Pictures11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9273cFlorida Statehood11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9285cUnited Nations Conference11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9293cIwo Jima10½ x 11
Thumbnail 9301cRoosevelt and Hyde Park Residence11x10½
Thumbnail 9312cRoosevelt and the "lLttle White" at Warm Springs, GA11x10½
Thumbnail 9323cRoosevelt and White House11x10½
Thumbnail 9335cRoosevelt, Map of Western Hemisphere and Four Freedoms11x10½
Thumbnail 9343cUS Troops Passing Arch of Thiumph, Paris11x10½
Thumbnail 9353cUS Sailors11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9363cCoast Guard11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9373cAlfred E. Smith11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9383cFlags of the United States and the State of Texas11x10½
Thumbnail 9393cMerchant Marine11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9403cVeterans Of W.W. II11x10½
Thumbnail 9413cAndrew Jackson, John Sevier and State Capitol, Nashville11x10½
Thumbnail 9423cIowa State Flag and Map11x10½
Thumbnail 9433cSmithsonian Institution11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9443c"Capture of Santa Fe" by Kenneth M. Chapman11x10½
Thumbnail 9453cThomas A. Edison (1847-1931), Inventor11x10½
Thumbnail 9463cJoseph Pulitzer (1847-1911), Journalist, and Statue of Liberty11x10½
Thumbnail 9473cU.S. Postage Centenary11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9485c + 10cCentenary International Philatelic ExpoImperforated
Thumbnail 9493cThe Doctor, by Sir Luke Fildes11x10½
Thumbnail 9503cPioneers Entering the Valley of Great Salt Lake11x10½
Thumbnail 9513cU.S. Frigate Constitution11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9523cEverglades10½ x 11
Thumbnail 9533cDr. George Washington Carver10½ x 11
Thumbnail 9543cCalifornia Gold 10011x10½
Thumbnail 9553cMississippi Territory11x10½
Thumbnail 9563cFour Chaplains11x10½
Thumbnail 9573cMap on Scroll and State Capitol11x10½
Thumbnail 9585cSwedish Pioneer11x10½
Thumbnail 9593cProgress Of Women11x10½
Thumbnail 9603cWilliam White10½x11
Thumbnail 9613cU.S.-Canada Friendship11x10½
Thumbnail 9623cFrancis Scott Key11x10½
Thumbnail 9633cSalute To Youth11x10½
Thumbnail 9643cOregon Territory11 X 10½
Thumbnail 9653cHarlan Fiske Stone10½x11
Thumbnail 9663cPalomar Mt. Observatory10½x11
Thumbnail 9673cClara Barton11x10½
Thumbnail 9683cPoultry Industry11x10½
Thumbnail 9693cGold Star Mothers10½x11
Thumbnail 9703cFort Kearny11x10½
Thumbnail 9713cVolunteer Firemen11x10½
Thumbnail 9723cIndian Centennial11x10½
Thumbnail 9733cRough Riders11x10½
Thumbnail 9743cJuliette Gordon Low11x10½
Thumbnail 9753cWill Rogers11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9763cFort Bliss10½x11
Thumbnail 9773cMoina Michael11 x 10½
Thumbnail 9783cGettysburg Address11x10½
Thumbnail 9793cAmerican Turners10½x11
Thumbnail 9803cJoel Chandler Harris10½x11
Thumbnail 9813cMinnesota Territory11x10½
Thumbnail 9823cWashington  and  Lee University11x10½
Thumbnail 9833cPuerto9 Rican Farmer Holding Cogwheel and Ballot Box11x10½
Thumbnail 9843cAnnapolis Tercentenary11x10½
Thumbnail 9853cGrand Army of the Republic11x10½
Thumbnail 9863cEdgar Allan Poe10½x11
Thumbnail 9873cAmerican Bankers11x10½
Thumbnail 9883cSamuel Gompers10½x11
Thumbnail 9893cStatue of Freedom on Capitol Dome10½x11
Thumbnail 9903cExecutive Mansion10½x11
Thumbnail 9913cSupreme Court Building10½x11
Thumbnail 9923cUnited States Capitol10½x11
Thumbnail 9933cRailroad Engineers11x10½
Thumbnail 9943cKansas City, Missouri11x10½
Thumbnail 9953cBoy Scouts11x10½
Thumbnail 9963cIndiana Territory11x10½
Thumbnail 9973cCalifornia Centennial11x10½
Thumbnail 10633cLewis and Clark11x10½