Stamp Smarter Checklist 1951-1960
Thumbnail 9983cConfederate Solder and United Confederate Veteran11x10½
Thumbnail 9993cCarson Valley, c.  185111x10½
Thumbnail 10003cLanding Of Cadillac11x10½
Thumbnail 10013cColorado Statehood11x10½
Thumbnail 10023cAmerican Chemical11x10½
Thumbnail 10033cBattle Of Brooklyn, 175th Anniv.11x10½
Thumbnail 10043cBetsy Ross11 x 10½
Thumbnail 10053c4-H Club11x10½
Thumbnail 10063cB  and  O Railroad, 125th Anniversary11 x 10½
Thumbnail 10073cAmerican  Auto Association11x10½
Thumbnail 10083cNATO11x10½
Thumbnail 10093cGrand Coulee Dam11 x 10½
Thumbnail 10103cArrival of Lafayette11x10½
Thumbnail 10113cMt. Rushmore Memorial11x10½
Thumbnail 10123cCentennial of  Engineering11x10½
Thumbnail 10133cService Women11x10½
Thumbnail 10143cGutenberg Bible11x10½
Thumbnail 10153cNewspaper Boys11x10½
Thumbnail 10163cRed Cross11x10½
Thumbnail 10173cNational Guard11x10½
Thumbnail 10183cOhio Statehood, 150th Anniversary11x10½
Thumbnail 10193cWashington Territory11x10½
Thumbnail 10203cLouisiana Purchase11x10½
Thumbnail 10215cOpening Of Japan Centennial11x10½
Thumbnail 10223cAmerican Bar Association11x10½
Thumbnail 10233cSagamore Hill11x10½
Thumbnail 10243cFuture Farmers of America11x10½
Thumbnail 10253cTrucking Industry11x10½
Thumbnail 10263cGeneral George S. Patton11x10½
Thumbnail 10273cNew York City 300th Anniversary11x10½
Thumbnail 10283cGadsden Purchase11x10½
Thumbnail 10293cColumbia University11x10½
Thumbnail 1030½cBenjamin Franklin11 x 10½
Thumbnail 10311cG. Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 1031A1¼cPalace of the Governors10½ x 11
Thumbnail 10321½cMount Vernon11 x 10½
Thumbnail 10332cThomas Jefferson11x10½
Thumbnail 10342½cBunker Hill11 x 10½
Thumbnail 10353cStatue Of Liberty11x10½
Thumbnail 1035a3cStatue Of Liberty11x10½
Thumbnail 1035b3cStatue Of Liberty11x10½
Thumbnail 10364cAbraham Lincoln11x10½
Thumbnail 1036a4cAbraham Lincoln11x10½
Thumbnail 1036b6x4cAbraham Lincoln11x10½
Thumbnail 10374½cThe Hermitage10½ x 11
Thumbnail 10385cJames Monroe11x10½
Thumbnail 10396cTheodore Roosevelt11 x 10½
Thumbnail 10407cWoodrow Wilson11x10½
Thumbnail 10418cStatue Of Liberty11
Thumbnail 1041B8cStatue Of Liberty11x11
Thumbnail 10428cStatue Of Liberty11
Thumbnail 10439cThe Alamo, San Antonio10½x11
Thumbnail 104410cIndependence Hall10½x11
Thumbnail 1044d10cIndependence Hall10½x11
Thumbnail 104512cBen Harrison11x10½
Thumbnail 104615cJohn Jay11x10½
Thumbnail 1046a15cJohn Jay11 x 10½
Thumbnail 104720cMonticello, Home of Thomas Jefferson, near Charlottesville, Va.10½x11
Thumbnail 104825cPaul Revere11x10½
Thumbnail 104930cRobert E. Lee11x10½
Thumbnail 1049a30cRobert E. Lee11x10½
Thumbnail 105040cJohn Marshall11x10½
Thumbnail 105150cSusan B. Anthony11x10½
Thumbnail 1052$1 Patrick Henry10½x11
Thumbnail 1053$5.00 Alex Hamilton11
Thumbnail 10541cGeorge Washingon10 Vert.
Thumbnail 10552cThomas Jefferson10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1055a2cThomas Jefferson10 Vert. small holes
Thumbnail 10562.5cBunker Hill Monument10 Vert.
Thumbnail 10573cStatue of Liberty10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1057b3cStatue of Liberty Pair10 Vert.
Thumbnail 10584cLincoln, Abraham10 Vert.
Thumbnail 10594.5cThe Hermitage10 Horz.
Thumbnail 10603cNebraska Territory11x10½
Thumbnail 10613cWheat Field and Pioneer Wagon Train11x10½
Thumbnail 10623cGeorge Eastman11x10½
Thumbnail 10643cPenn. Academy of Fine Arts11x10½
Thumbnail 10653cOpen Book and Symbols of Subjects Taught11x10½
Thumbnail 10668cTorch, Globe and Rotary Emblem11x10½
Thumbnail 10673cMarine, Coast Guard, Army, Navy and Air Force Personnel11x10½
Thumbnail 10683cGreat Stone Face10½x11
Thumbnail 10693cMap of Great Lakes and Two Streamers11x10½
Thumbnail 10703cAtomic Energy Encircling the Hemspheres11x10½
Thumbnail 10713cMap of the Fort, Ethan Allen and Artillery11x10½
Thumbnail 10723cAndrew W. Mellon (1855-1937), US Secretary of the Treasury (1921-32), Financier and Art Collector10½x11
Thumbnail 10733c"Franklin Taking Electricity from the Sky," by Benjamin West10½x11
Thumbnail 10743cLog Cabin11x10½
Thumbnail 10752x11c5th International Philatelic ExhibitionImperforated
Thumbnail 10763cNew York Colliseum and Columbus Monument11x10½
Thumbnail 10773cWild Turkey11x10½
Thumbnail 10783cPonghorn Antelope11x10½
Thumbnail 10793cKing Salmon11x10½
Thumbnail 10803cHarvey Washington Wiley10½x11
Thumbnail 10813cPres. Buchanan's Home, Lancaster, Pa.11x10½
Thumbnail 10823cMosaic, AFL-CIO Headqurters10½x11
Thumbnail 10833cNassau Hall, Princeton, N.J.11x10½
Thumbnail 10843cDevils Tower10½x11
Thumbnail 10853cChildren of the World11 x 10½
Thumbnail 10863cAlexander Hamilton (1757-1804) and Federal Hall11x10½
Thumbnail 10873cPolio10½x11
Thumbnail 10883cFlag of Coast and Geodetic Survey and Ships at Sea11x10½
Thumbnail 10893cArchitects11x10½
Thumbnail 10903cSteel Industry10½x11
Thumbnail 10913cAircraft Carrier and Jamestown Festival Emblem11x10½
Thumbnail 10923cOklahoma Statehood11x10½
Thumbnail 10933cSchool Teachers11x10½
Thumbnail 10944cFlag11
Thumbnail 10953cShipbuilding10½x11
Thumbnail 10968cRamon Magsaysay11
Thumbnail 10973cLafayette10½x11
Thumbnail 10983cWildlife Conservation Issue11
Thumbnail 10993cReligious Freedom10½x11
Thumbnail 11003cGardening10½x11
Thumbnail 11043cBrussels Expo11x10½
Thumbnail 11053cJames Monroe11x10½
Thumbnail 11063cMinnesota State11x10½
Thumbnail 11073cSolar Disc and Hands from Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam"11
Thumbnail 11083cGunston Hall11x10½
Thumbnail 11093cMackinac Bridge10½x11
Thumbnail 11104cChampion Of Liberty10½x11
Thumbnail 11118cSimon Bolivar11
Thumbnail 11124cAtlantic Cable11x10½
Thumbnail 11131cLincoln by George Healy10½x11
Thumbnail 11143cLincoln by Gutzon Borglum10½x11
Thumbnail 11154cLincoln and Stephen A. Douglas Debating11x10½
Thumbnail 11164cAbraham Lincoln11x10½
Thumbnail 11174cChampion Of Liberty10½x11
Thumbnail 11188cLajos Kossuth11
Thumbnail 11194cFreedom Of Press10½x11
Thumbnail 11204cMail Coach and Map of Southwest US11x10½
Thumbnail 11214cNoah Webster10½x11
Thumbnail 11224cForest Conservation11
Thumbnail 11234cBritish Capture of Fort Duquesne, 1758; Brig Grn. John Forbes on Litter, Colonel Washington Mounted11x10½
Thumbnail 11244cCovered Wagon and Mt. Hood11x10½
Thumbnail 11254cJose de San Martin10½x11
Thumbnail 11268cJose de San Martin11
Thumbnail 11274cNato10½x11
Thumbnail 11284cNorth Pole, Dog Sled and "Nautilus"11x10½
Thumbnail 11298cWorld Peace11x10½
Thumbnail 11304cSilver Centennial11x10½
Thumbnail 11314cSt. Lawrence Seaway11
Thumbnail 11324c49 Star Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 11334cSoil Conservation11
Thumbnail 11344cPetroleum Industry10½x11
Thumbnail 11354cDental Health11x10½
Thumbnail 11364cErnst Reuter10½x11
Thumbnail 11378cErnst Reuter11
Thumbnail 11384cDr. Ephraim McDowell10½x11
Thumbnail 11394cQuotation from Washington's Farewell Address, 179611
Thumbnail 11404cBenjamin Franklin Quotation11
Thumbnail 11414cThomas Jefferson Quotation11
Thumbnail 11424cFrancis Scott Key Quotation11
Thumbnail 11434cAmerican Credo Issue11
Thumbnail 11454cBoy Scout Giving Scout Sign11
Thumbnail 11464cOlympic Rings and Snowflake10½x11
Thumbnail 11474cChampion of Liberty - Thomas G. Masaryk10½ x 11
Thumbnail 11488cChampion of Liberty - Thomas G. Masaryk11
Thumbnail 11494cWorld Refugee Year11x10½
Thumbnail 11504cWater Conservation11
Thumbnail 11514cSEATO Emblem10½x11
Thumbnail 11524cAmerican Woman - Mother and Daughter11x10½
Thumbnail 11534cU.S. Flag, 196011
Thumbnail 11544cPony Express Rider11x10½  
Thumbnail 11554cEmploy the Handicapped10½x11
Thumbnail 11564c5th World Forestry Congress Seal10½x11
Thumbnail 11574cIndependence Bell11
Thumbnail 11584cU.S.-Japan Treaty11
Thumbnail 11594cIgnacy Jan Paderewski10½x11
Thumbnail 11608cIgnacy Jan Paderewski11
Thumbnail 11614cRobert A. Taft10½x11
Thumbnail 11624cWheels Of Freedom11x10½  
Thumbnail 11634cProfile of a Boy11
Thumbnail 11644cAutomated Post Office11
Thumbnail 11654cBaron Gustaf Mannerheim10½x11
Thumbnail 11668cBaron Gustaf Mannerheim11
Thumbnail 11674cCamp Fire Girls Emblem11
Thumbnail 11684cGiuseppe Garibaldi10½x11
Thumbnail 11698cGiuseppe Garibaldi11
Thumbnail 11704cWalter F. George10½x11
Thumbnail 11714cAndrew Carnegie10½x11
Thumbnail 11724cJohn Foster Dulles10½x11
Thumbnail 11734cCommunications for Peace11x10½