Stamp Smarter Checklist 1961-1970
Thumbnail 1042A8cWas reassigned to Scott # 1214  from 1042A in 201311x10.5
Thumbnail 1044A11cStatue Of Liberty11
Thumbnail 1059A25cPaul Revere10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1059Ab25cRevere, Paul10 Vert
Thumbnail 11444cPatrick Henry Quote11
Thumbnail 11744cMahatma Gandhi10½x11
Thumbnail 11758cMahatma Gandhi11
Thumbnail 11764cRange Conservation11
Thumbnail 11774cHorace Greeley10½x11
Thumbnail 11784cSea Coast Gun of 186111x10½
Thumbnail 11794cRifleman at Shiloh, 186211x10½  
Thumbnail 11805cGettysburg11
Thumbnail 11815cBattle of the Wilderness, 196411
Thumbnail 11825cAppomattox, 186511
Thumbnail 11834cSunflower, Pioneer Couple and Stockade11
Thumbnail 11844cGeorge W. Norris and Norris Dam, Tenn.11x10½  
Thumbnail 11854cNavy's First Plane (Curtiss A-1 of 1911) and Naval Air Wings11x10½  
Thumbnail 11864cWorkmen's Compensation10½x11
Thumbnail 11874cRemington's "Smoke Signal"11
Thumbnail 11884cSun Yat-sen10½x11
Thumbnail 11894cNaismith-Basketball Issue10½x11
Thumbnail 11904cStudent Nurse Lighting Candle11
Thumbnail 11914cNew Mexico Statehood Shiprock11
Thumbnail 11924cArizona11
Thumbnail 11934c"Friendship 7" Capsule and Globe11
Thumbnail 11944cGreat Seal of U.S. and W.H.O. Symbol11
Thumbnail 11954cCharles Evans Hughes10½x11
Thumbnail 11964cSpace Needle and Monorail11
Thumbnail 11974cLouisiana Statehood11
Thumbnail 11984cSod Hut and Settlers11x10½  
Thumbnail 11994cGirl Scouts of America11x10½  
Thumbnail 12004cBrien McMahon11x10½  
Thumbnail 12014cMachinist Handing Micrometer to Apprentice11x10½  
Thumbnail 12024cSam Rayburn Issue11
Thumbnail 12034cU.N. Headquarters and Dag Hammarskjold11
Thumbnail 12044cU.N. Headquarters and Dag Hammarskjold (yellow inverted)11
Thumbnail 12054cWreath and Candles11
Thumbnail 12064cHigher Education11
Thumbnail 12074cWinslow Homer11
Thumbnail 12085cFlag over White House11
Thumbnail 1208a5cFlag of White House11
Thumbnail 12091cAndrew Jackson11x10½
Thumbnail 1209a1cAndrew Jackson11x10½
Thumbnail 12135cGeorge Washington11x10½  
Thumbnail 1213a5cGeorge Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 1213b5cGeorge Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 1213c5cGeorge Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 12251cAndrew Jackson10 Vert.
Thumbnail 12295cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1229a5cG. Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 12305cCarolina Charter11
Thumbnail 12315cWheat11
Thumbnail 12325cMap of West Virginia and State Capitol11
Thumbnail 12335cSevered Chains11
Thumbnail 12345cAlliance Emblem11
Thumbnail 12355cCordell Hull11
Thumbnail 12365cEleanor Roosevelt11
Thumbnail 12375cSciences11
Thumbnail 12385cLetter Carrier, 186311
Thumbnail 12395cRed Cross11
Thumbnail 12405cNational Christmas Tree and White House11
Thumbnail 12415cJohn James Audubon Issue11
Thumbnail 12425cSam Houston10½x11
Thumbnail 12435cC.M. Russell Painter "Jerked Down"11
Thumbnail 12445cNY Worlds Fair, 1964-196511x10½
Thumbnail 12455cJohn Muir (1838-1914), Conservationist11
Thumbnail 12465cJohn F. Kennedy Memorial11x10½  
Thumbnail 12475cNew Jersey Tercentenary10½x11
Thumbnail 12485cNevada11
Thumbnail 12495cRegister and Vote11
Thumbnail 12505cWilliam Shakespeare10½x11
Thumbnail 12515cDrs. William and Charles Mayo10½x11
Thumbnail 12525cAmerican Music11
Thumbnail 12535cHomemakers11
Thumbnail 12545cHolly11
Thumbnail 1254a5cHolly11
Thumbnail 12555cMistletoe11
Thumbnail 1255a5cMistletoe11
Thumbnail 12565cPoinsettia11
Thumbnail 1256a5cPoinsettia11
Thumbnail 12575cConifer Sprig11
Thumbnail 1257a5cSprig of Conifer11
Thumbnail 1257b5cChristmas 196411
Thumbnail 12585cVerrazano Bridge10½ x 11
Thumbnail 12595cAbstract Design by Stuart Davis11
Thumbnail 12605cRadio Waves and Dial  Amateur Radio10½x11
Thumbnail 12615cGeneral Andrew Jackson and Sesquicentennial Medal11
Thumbnail 12625cDiscus Thrower11
Thumbnail 12635cMicroscope and Stethoscope11
Thumbnail 12645cChurchill Memorial11
Thumbnail 12655cMagna Carta11
Thumbnail 12665cICY Emblem  United Nations11
Thumbnail 12675cSalvation Army11
Thumbnail 12685cDante Alighieri10½x11
Thumbnail 12695cHerbert Hoover10½x11
Thumbnail 12705cRobert Fulton  and  Clermont11
Thumbnail 12715c400th Anniversary of Florida11
Thumbnail 12725cTraffic Signal11
Thumbnail 12735cElizabeth Clarke Copley11
Thumbnail 127411cInternational Telecommunications11
Thumbnail 12755cAdlai E. Stevenson11
Thumbnail 12765cAngel with Trumpet, 1840 Weather Vane11
Thumbnail 1276a5cChristmas 196511
Thumbnail 12781cThomas Jefferson11x10½
Thumbnail 1278a1cThomas Jefferson11x10½
Thumbnail 1278b1cThomas Jefferson11x10½
Thumbnail 12791¼cAlbert Gallatin11 x 10½
Thumbnail 12802cFrank L. Wright11x10½
Thumbnail 1280a2cFrank L. Wright11x10½
Thumbnail 1280c2cFrank L. Wright11x10½
Thumbnail 12813cFrancis Parkman11x10½, 10½x11
Thumbnail 1281a3cFrancis Parkman10½ x 11
Thumbnail 12824cAbraham Lincoln11x10½
Thumbnail 1282a4cAbraham Lincoln11x10½
Thumbnail 12835cGeorge Washington10½x11
Thumbnail 1283a5cGeorge Washington11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1283B5cGeorge Washington10½x11
Thumbnail 1283Bd5cG. Washington 
Thumbnail 12846cFranklin D. Roosevelt10½x11
Thumbnail 1284a6cFranklin D. Roosevelt10½x11
Thumbnail 1284b6cRoosevelt10½x11
Thumbnail 1284c6cFranklin D. Roosevelt10½x11
Thumbnail 12858cAlbert Einstein11x10½, 10½x11
Thumbnail 1285a8cAlbert Einstein10½x11
Thumbnail 128610cAndrew Jackson10½x11
Thumbnail 1286A12cHenry Ford10½x11
Thumbnail 1286Ac12cHenry Ford 
Thumbnail 1286b10cAndrew Jackson 
Thumbnail 128713cJohn F. Kennedy11x10½, 10½x11
Thumbnail 128815cOliver Holmes10½x11
Thumbnail 1288a15cOliver Wendell Holmes11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1288d15cOliver W. Holmes10½x11
Thumbnail 128920cGeorge Catlett Marshall10½x11
Thumbnail 1289a20cGeorge Marshall10½x11
Thumbnail 129025cFrederick Douglass10½x11
Thumbnail 1290a25cFredrick Douglass10½x11
Thumbnail 129130cJohn Dewey10½x11
Thumbnail 1291a30cJohn Dewey10½x11
Thumbnail 129240cThomas Paine10½x11
Thumbnail 1292a40cThomas Paine10½x11
Thumbnail 129350cLucy Stone10½x11
Thumbnail 1293a50cLucy Stone10½x11
Thumbnail 1294$1 Eugene O'Neill10½x11
Thumbnail 1294a$1 Eugene O'Neill10½x11
Thumbnail 1295$5 John Moore11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1295a$5 John Moore10½x11
Thumbnail 12986cFranklin D. Roosevelt10 Horz.
Thumbnail 12991cThomas Jefferson10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1299a1cThomas Jefferson10 Vert.
Thumbnail 13034cAbraham Lincoln10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1303a4cLincoln, Abraham10 Vert.
Thumbnail 13045cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1304a5cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 13056cFranklin D. Roosevelt10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1305b6cFranklin D. Roosevelt10 Vert.
Thumbnail 13065cMigratory Bird Treaty11
Thumbnail 13075cHumane Treatment of Animals11
Thumbnail 13085cIndiana11
Thumbnail 13095cAmerican Circus11
Thumbnail 13105cStamped Cover11
Thumbnail 13115cSIPEX Souvenir SheetImperforated
Thumbnail 13125cThe Bill of Rights11
Thumbnail 13135cPolish Eagle and Cross10½x11
Thumbnail 13145cNational Park Service11
Thumbnail 1314a5cNational Park Service Issue11
Thumbnail 13155cCombat Marine, 1966;Frogman; World War II Flier; World War I "Devil Dog" and Marine, 177511
Thumbnail 1315a5cMarine Corps Reserve Issue11
Thumbnail 13165cWomen of 1890 and 196611
Thumbnail 1316a5cWomen's Club11
Thumbnail 13175cJohnny Appleseed11
Thumbnail 1317a5cJohnny Appleseed11
Thumbnail 13185cBeautification of America11
Thumbnail 1318a5cBeautification of America11
Thumbnail 13195cCentral U.S. Map With Great River Road11
Thumbnail 1319a5cGreat River Road Issue11
Thumbnail 13205cSavings Bond-Servicemen11
Thumbnail 1320a5cSavings Bonds11
Thumbnail 13215cChristmas11
Thumbnail 1321a5cChristmas 1966: Memling11
Thumbnail 13225cMary Cassatt11
Thumbnail 1322a5cMary Cassatt11
Thumbnail 13235cNational Grange11
Thumbnail 13245cCanadian Landscape11
Thumbnail 13255cErie Canal11
Thumbnail 13265cPeace Dove11
Thumbnail 13275cHenry David Thoreau11
Thumbnail 13285cNebraska Statehood11
Thumbnail 13295cRadio Transmission Tower and Waves11
Thumbnail 13305cDavy Crockett and Scrub Pines11
Thumbnail 13315cSpace Accomplishments Issue11
Thumbnail 13325cSpace Accomplishments Issue11
Thumbnail 13335cUrban Planning11
Thumbnail 13345cFinnish Coat of Arms11
Thumbnail 13355c"The Biglin Brothers Racing"12
Thumbnail 13365cMadonna and Child by Hans Memling11
Thumbnail 13375cMagnolia11
Thumbnail 13386cFlag over White House11
Thumbnail 1338A6cFlag Over White House10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1338D6cFlag and White House11 x 10½
Thumbnail 13396cIllinois Statehood11
Thumbnail 13406cMap of North and South America11
Thumbnail 1341$1 Airlift11
Thumbnail 13426cGirls and Boys11
Thumbnail 13436cPoliceman and Small Boy11
Thumbnail 13446cRegister  and  Vote11
Thumbnail 13456cHistoric Flag: Ft. Moultrie, 177611
Thumbnail 13466cHistoric Flag: Ft. McHenry, 1795-181811
Thumbnail 13476cHistoric Flag: Washington's Cruisers11
Thumbnail 13486cHistoric Flag: Bennington, 177711
Thumbnail 13496cHistoric Flag: Rhode Island, 177511
Thumbnail 13506cHistoric Flag: First Stars and Stripes11
Thumbnail 13516cHistoric Flag: Bunker Hill, 177511
Thumbnail 13526cHistoric Flag: Grand Union, 177611
Thumbnail 13536cHistoric Flag: Philadelphia Light House, 177511
Thumbnail 13546cHistoric Flag: First Navy Jack, 177511
Thumbnail 1354a6cHistoric Flags11
Thumbnail 13556cWalt Disney and Children of the World12
Thumbnail 13566cFather Marquette and Louis Jolliet Exploring the Mississippi11
Thumbnail 13576cPA Rifle, Powder Horn, Tomahawk, Pipe and Knife11
Thumbnail 13586cArkansas River Navigation11
Thumbnail 13596cLeif Erikson by Stirling Calder11
Thumbnail 13606cHomesteaders Racing to Cherokee Strip11x10½
Thumbnail 13616cDetail from "The Battle of Bunker Hill"11
Thumbnail 13626cWaterfowl Conservation11
Thumbnail 13636cChristmas Issue11
Thumbnail 1363a6cChristmas Issue11
Thumbnail 13646cChief Joseph by Cyrenius Hall11
Thumbnail 13656cBeautiful America: Capitol11
Thumbnail 13666cBeautiful America: Washington Monument11
Thumbnail 13676cBeautiful America: Highway11
Thumbnail 13686cBeautiful America: Crabapples11
Thumbnail 1368a6cBeautification of America11
Thumbnail 13696cAmerican Legion11
Thumbnail 13706cJuly Fourth by Grandma Moses11
Thumbnail 13716cApollo 811
Thumbnail 13726cW. C. Handy, Father of the Blues11
Thumbnail 13736cCalifornia Settlement11
Thumbnail 13746cPowell Exploring the Colorado River11
Thumbnail 13756cAlabama Camellia and Yellow-shafted Flicker11
Thumbnail 13766cDouglas Fir (Northwest)11
Thumbnail 13776cLadies Slipper (Northeast)11
Thumbnail 13786cOcotillo (Southwest)11
Thumbnail 13796cFranklinia (Southeast)11
Thumbnail 1379a6cBotanical Congress11
Thumbnail 13806cDartmouth College Case10½ x 11
Thumbnail 13816cProfessional Baseball11
Thumbnail 13826cIntercollegiate Football11
Thumbnail 13836cDwight D. Eisenhower11
Thumbnail 13846cChristmas Winter Sunday11x10½
Thumbnail 13856cHope for Crippled11
Thumbnail 13866cWilliam M. Harnett "Old Models"11
Thumbnail 13876cAmerican Bald Eagle11
Thumbnail 13886cAfrican Elephant Herd11
Thumbnail 13896cTlingit Chief inHaida Ceremonial Canoe11
Thumbnail 13906cNatural History - The Age of Reptiles11
Thumbnail 1390a6cNatural History11
Thumbnail 13916cLighthouse at Two Lights, Maine11
Thumbnail 13926cAmerican Bison11x10½
Thumbnail 13936cDwight D. Eisenhower11x10½
Thumbnail 1393a6cDwight D. Eisenhower11x10½
Thumbnail 1393b6cDwight D. Eisenhower11x10½
Thumbnail 1393c6cDwight D. Eisenhower11x10½
Thumbnail 14016cDwight D. Eisenhower10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1401a6cEisenhower10 Vert.
Thumbnail 14056cLee Masters11
Thumbnail 14066cWoman Suffrage11
Thumbnail 14076cSouth Carolina Settlement11
Thumbnail 14086cStone Mountain11
Thumbnail 14096cFort Snelling11
Thumbnail 14106cSave Our Soil - Globe and Wheat11x10½
Thumbnail 14116cSave Our Cities Globe and City Playground11x10½
Thumbnail 14126cSave Our Water11 x 10½
Thumbnail 14136cSave Our Air - Globe and Seagull11x10½
Thumbnail 1413a6cSave Our Air11x10½
Thumbnail 14146cChristmas Issue10½x11
Thumbnail 1414a6cChristmas 1970: Nativity10½ x 11
Thumbnail 14156cChristmas 1970: Locomotive11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1415a6cChristmas 1970: Locomotive11 x 10½
Thumbnail 14166cChristmas 1970: Toy Horse11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1416a6cChristmas Issue11x10½
Thumbnail 14176cChristmas 1970: Tricycle11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1417a6cChristmas 1970: Tricycle11 x 10½
Thumbnail 14186cChristmas Issue11x10½
Thumbnail 1418a6cChristmas Issue11x10½
Thumbnail 1418b6cChristmas 197011x10½
Thumbnail 14196cUnited Nations 25th Anniversary11
Thumbnail 14206cLanding of the Pilgrims11
Thumbnail 14216cDisabled Vets and Servicemen11
Thumbnail 14226cPOW and MIA11
Thumbnail 1422a6cAmerican Veterans11