Stamp Smarter Checklist 1971-1980
Thumbnail 1288B15cSingle From Booklet Pane10
Thumbnail 12973cFrancis Parkman10 Horz.
Thumbnail 1297b3cFrancis Parkman10 Horz.
Thumbnail 1305C$1 Eugene O'Neill10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1305E15cOliver W. Holmes10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1305Ef15cOliver Wendell Holmes10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1338F8cFlag  and  White House - Richard M. Nixon11x10½
Thumbnail 1338G8cFlag Issue10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1393D7cBenjamin Franklin10½x11
Thumbnail 13948cEisenhower11x11
Thumbnail 13958cEisenhower11x10½
Thumbnail 1395a8cDwight D. Eisenhower11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1395b8cDwight D. Eisenhower11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1395c8cDwight D. Eisenhower11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1395d8cEisenhower11x10½
Thumbnail 13968cPostal Service11x10½
Thumbnail 139714cFiorello Laguardia11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1397a14cFiorello Laguardia11x10½
Thumbnail 139816cErnie Pyle11x10½
Thumbnail 1398a16cErnie Pyle11x10½
Thumbnail 139918cDr. Blackwell11x10½
Thumbnail 140021cAmadeo P. Giannini11x10½
Thumbnail 14028cDwight David Eisenhower10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1402b8cDwight D. Eisenhower10 Vert.
Thumbnail 14236cAmerican Wool Industry Ewe and Lamb11
Thumbnail 14246cDouglas MacArthur11
Thumbnail 14256cBlood Donors11
Thumbnail 14268c"Independence and Opening of the West" Detail by Thomas Hart Benton11x10½
Thumbnail 14278cWildlife Conservation Issue11
Thumbnail 14288cWildlife Conservation Issue11
Thumbnail 14298cWildlife Conservation Issue11
Thumbnail 14308cConservation:California Condor11
Thumbnail 1430a8cTrout; Alligator; Polar Bear and Cub; California Condor11
Thumbnail 14318cMap of Antartica11
Thumbnail 14328cAmerican Bicentennial - Bicentennial Commission Emblem11
Thumbnail 14338cJohn Sloan11
Thumbnail 14348cSpace Achievement Decade11
Thumbnail 14358cSpace Achievement Decade11
Thumbnail 1435b8cSpace 10 Years11
Thumbnail 14368cEmily E.  Dickinson11
Thumbnail 14378cSentry Box, Morro Castle, San Juan11
Thumbnail 14388cPrevent Drug Abuse10½x11
Thumbnail 14398cCARE10½x11
Thumbnail 14408cDecatur House11
Thumbnail 14418cWhaling Ship11
Thumbnail 14428cCable Car11
Thumbnail 14438cSan Xavier del Bac11
Thumbnail 1443a4x8cHistoric Preservation11
Thumbnail 14448cAdoration of the Sheperds by Giogione10½x11
Thumbnail 14458cPartridge in a Pear Tree by James Wyeth10½x11
Thumbnail 14468cSidney Lanier11
Thumbnail 14478cPeace Corps Poster by  David Battle10½x11
Thumbnail 14482cNational Parks 10011
Thumbnail 14492cNational Parks 10011
Thumbnail 14502cNational Parks 10011
Thumbnail 14512cNational Parks 10011
Thumbnail 1451a4x2cCape Hatteras, N.C.11
Thumbnail 14526cWolf Trap Farm, Va.11
Thumbnail 14538cOld Faithful, Yellowstone11
Thumbnail 145415cMt. McKinley11
Thumbnail 14558cFamily Planning11
Thumbnail 14568cColonial American Craftsmen11x10½
Thumbnail 14578cColonial American Craftsmen11x10½
Thumbnail 14588cColonial American Craftsmen11x10½
Thumbnail 14598cColonial American Craftsmen11x10½
Thumbnail 1459a4x8cColonial American Craftsmen11x10½
Thumbnail 14606cBicycling and Olympic Rings11x10½
Thumbnail 14618cBobsledding11x10½
Thumbnail 146215cXX Olympic Games: Foot Racing11 x 10½
Thumbnail 14638cParent Teacher Assn - Blackboard11x10½
Thumbnail 14648cFur Seals11
Thumbnail 14658cCardinal11
Thumbnail 14668cBrown Pelican11
Thumbnail 14678cBighorn Sheep11
Thumbnail 1467a4x8cWildlife Conservation11
Thumbnail 14688cMail Order11x10½
Thumbnail 14698cOsteopathic Medicine10½x11
Thumbnail 14708cTom Sawyer11
Thumbnail 14718cChristmas - Angel10½x11
Thumbnail 14728cSanta Claus10½x11
Thumbnail 14738cPharmacy11
Thumbnail 14748cStamp Collecting11
Thumbnail 14758cLove11x10½
Thumbnail 14768cPrinter and Patriots Examining Pamphlet11
Thumbnail 14778cBroadside11
Thumbnail 14788cPost Rider11
Thumbnail 14798cDrummer11
Thumbnail 14808cBritish Merchantman11
Thumbnail 14818cBritish Three-master11
Thumbnail 14828cBoats and Ships Hull11
Thumbnail 14838cBoat and Dock11
Thumbnail 1483a4x8cBoston Tea Party11
Thumbnail 14848cAmerican Arts: George Gershwin11
Thumbnail 14858cAmerican Arts: Robinson Jeffers11
Thumbnail 14868cAmerican Arts: Henry O. Tanner11
Thumbnail 14878cWilla Cather11
Thumbnail 14888cCopernicus11
Thumbnail 14898cWindow Clerk10½x11
Thumbnail 14908cMail Collection10½x11
Thumbnail 14918cLetter Facing on Conveyor Belt10½x11
Thumbnail 14928cParcel Post Sorting10½x11
Thumbnail 14938cMail Canceling10½x11
Thumbnail 14948cManual Letter Routing10½x11
Thumbnail 14958cElectronic Letter Routing10½x11
Thumbnail 14968cLoading Mail on Truck10½x11
Thumbnail 14978cMailman10½x11
Thumbnail 14988cRural Mail Delivery10½x11
Thumbnail 1498a10x8cPostal Service:10½x11
Thumbnail 14998cHarry S. Truman, 33rd President (1884-1972)11
Thumbnail 15006cMarconi's Spark Coil and Gap11
Thumbnail 15018cTransistors and Printed Circuit Board11
Thumbnail 150215cMicrophone, Spkeaker Vacuum Tube and TV Camera Tube11
Thumbnail 15038cLyndon B Johnson, 36th President (1908-1973)11
Thumbnail 15048cAngus and Longhorn Cattle11
Thumbnail 150510cChautauqua Tent and Buggies11
Thumbnail 150610cWheat Fields and Train11
Thumbnail 15078cSmall Cowper Madonna, by Raphael10½x11
Thumbnail 15088cChristmas Tree in Needlepoint10½x11
Thumbnail 150910c50-Star and 13-Star Flags11x10½
Thumbnail 151010cJefferson Memorial and Signature11x10½
Thumbnail 1510a10cJefferson Memorial11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1510b10cJefferson Memorial11x10½
Thumbnail 1510c10cJefferson Memorial11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1510d10cJefferson Memorial11 x 10½
Thumbnail 151110cMail Transport11 x 10½
Thumbnail 15186.3cLiberty Bell10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1518a6.3cLiberty Bell10 Vert.
Thumbnail 151910c50-Star and 13-Star Flags10 Vert.
Thumbnail 152010cJefferson Memorial and Signature10 Vert.
Thumbnail 152510cEmblem and Initials of Veterans of Foreign Wars11
Thumbnail 152610cRobert Frost (1873-1963), poet10½x11
Thumbnail 152710c"Cosmic Jumber" and "Smiling Sage" - Expo '7411
Thumbnail 152810cHorses Rounding Turn11x10½
Thumbnail 152910cSkylab11
Thumbnail 153010cMichelangelo from "School of Athens" by Raphael, 150911
Thumbnail 153110c"Five Feminine Virtues" by Hokusai, c. 181111
Thumbnail 153210c"Old Scraps," by John Fredrick Peto, 189411
Thumbnail 153310c"The Lovely Reader," by Jean Etienne Liotard, 174611
Thumbnail 153410c"Lady Writing Letter,"  by Gerard Terborch, 165411
Thumbnail 153510cInkwell and Quill, from "Boy with a Top,"  by Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin, 173811
Thumbnail 153610cMrs. John Douglas, by Thomas Gainsborough, 178411
Thumbnail 153710cDon Antonio Noreiga, by Francisco de Goya, 180111
Thumbnail 1537a10x10cUniversal Postal Union Issue, 197411
Thumbnail 153810cPetrified Wood11
Thumbnail 153910cTourmaline11
Thumbnail 154010cAmethyst11
Thumbnail 154110cRhodichrosite11
Thumbnail 1541a4x10cMineral Heritage Issue11
Thumbnail 154210cCovered Wagons at Fort Harod - KY Settlement, 200 years11
Thumbnail 154310cCarpenters' Hall, Philadelphia11
Thumbnail 154410c"We ask but for Peace,"11
Thumbnail 154510c"DerivingTheir Just Powers..."11
Thumbnail 154610cIndependence Hall11
Thumbnail 1546a4x10cFirst Continental Congress11
Thumbnail 154710cMolecules and Drops of Gasoline and Oil11
Thumbnail 154810cHeadless Horseman and Ichabod (Sleepy Hollow)11
Thumbnail 154910cRetarded Child11
Thumbnail 155010cAngel, from Perussia Alterpiece, 148010½x11
Thumbnail 155110c"The Road - Winter" by Currier and Ives11x10½
Thumbnail 155210cDove Weather VaneImperforated
Thumbnail 155310cSelf-portrait - Benjamin West10½x11
Thumbnail 155410cPaul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906), poet11
Thumbnail 155510cDavid (Lewelyn) Wark Griffith (1875-1948), motion picture producer11
Thumbnail 155610cPioneer 10 Passing Jupiter11
Thumbnail 155710cMariner 10, Venus and Mercury11
Thumbnail 155810c"Labor and Management"11
Thumbnail 15598cSybil Ludington, youthful heroine11x10½
Thumbnail 156010cSalem Poor, gallant soldier11x10½
Thumbnail 156110cHaym Salomon, financial hero11x10½
Thumbnail 156218cPeter Francisco, fighter extraordinary11x10½
Thumbnail 156310c"Birth of Liberty," by Henry Sandham11
Thumbnail 156410cBatle of Bunker Hill by John Trumbull11
Thumbnail 156510cSoldier with Flintlock Musket, Uniform Button11
Thumbnail 156610cSailor with Grappling Hook, First Navy Jack, 177511
Thumbnail 156710cMarine with Musket, Fullrigged Ship11
Thumbnail 156810cMilitiaman with Musket and Powder11
Thumbnail 1568a4x10cMilitary Uniforms11
Thumbnail 156910cApollo and Soyuz after link-up and Earth11
Thumbnail 157010cSpacecraft before link-up, Earth and project emblem11
Thumbnail 1570a2x10cApollo Soyuz Space Issue11
Thumbnail 157110cWorldwide Equality for Women11x10½
Thumbnail 157210cStagecoach and Trailer Truck11x10½
Thumbnail 157310cOld  and  New Locomotives11 x 10½
Thumbnail 157410cEarly Mail Plane and Jet11x10½
Thumbnail 157510cSatellite for Trasmission of Mailgrams11x10½
Thumbnail 1575a4x10cUSPS Bicentennial Issue11x10½
Thumbnail 157610cLaw Book, Gavel, Olive Branch and Globe11
Thumbnail 157710cEngine Turning, Indian Head Penny, Morgan-type Silver Dollar11
Thumbnail 157810cSeated Liberty Quarter, $20 Gold Double Eagle and Engine Turning11
Thumbnail 1578a2x10cBanking and Commerce11
Thumbnail 157910cMadonna and Child, by Domenico Ghirlandaio11
Thumbnail 158010cChristmas Card, by Louis Prang, 187811.2
Thumbnail 1580B10cChristmas Issue10½x11.3
Thumbnail 1580c10cChristmas Issue10.9
Thumbnail 15811cInkwell  and  Quill11x10½
Thumbnail 1581a1cInkwell11x10.5
Thumbnail 15822cSpeakers Stand11x10½
Thumbnail 1582a2cSpeaker's Stand11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1582b2cSpeakers Stand11x10½
Thumbnail 15843cEarly Ballot Box11x10½
Thumbnail 1584a3cBallot Box11 x 10½
Thumbnail 15854cBooks, Bookmark, Eyeglasses11x10½
Thumbnail 1585a4cBooks11 x 10½
Thumbnail 15909cCapitol11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1590A9cCapitol11x10½
Thumbnail 15919cDome of Capitol11x10½
Thumbnail 1591a9cCapitol11 x 10½
Thumbnail 159210cContemplation of Justice11x10½
Thumbnail 1592a10cJustice11 x 10½
Thumbnail 159311cPrinting Press11x10½
Thumbnail 159513cLiberty Bell11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1595a13cLiberty Bell11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1595b13cAmericana Issue11x10½
Thumbnail 1595c13cLiberty Bell11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1595d13cAmericana Issue11x10½
Thumbnail 159613cEagle and Shield11.2
Thumbnail 159715cFt. McHenry Flag10 Vert.
Thumbnail 159815cFlag from Book11x10½
Thumbnail 1598a15cFort McHenry Flag (15 Stars)Perf. 11x10½
Thumbnail 159916cHead, Statue Of Liberty11x10½
Thumbnail 160324cOld North Church, Boston11x10½
Thumbnail 160428cFt. Nisqually, Washington11x10½
Thumbnail 160529cSandy Hook Lighthouse, N.J.11 x 10½
Thumbnail 160630cMorris Township School No. 2, Devils Lake, ND11x10½
Thumbnail 160850cIron "Betty" Lamp, Plymouth Colony, 17th-18th Century11
Thumbnail 1610$1 Rush Lamp  and  Candle11
Thumbnail 1610c$1 Americana Issue11
Thumbnail 1611$2 Kerosene Table Lamp11x10½
Thumbnail 1612$5 Railroad Conductors' Lantern, ca 185011
Thumbnail 16133.1cSix-string Guitar10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1613a3.1cGuitar10 Vert.
Thumbnail 16147.7cSaxhorns10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1614a7.7cSaxhorns10 Vert.
Thumbnail 16157.9cDrum10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1615a7.9cDrum10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1615C8.4cSteinway Grand Piano10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1615Cd8.4cSteinway Grand Piano, 185710 Vert.
Thumbnail 16169cDome of the Capitol10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1616b9cDome of the Capitol10 Vert.
Thumbnail 161710cContemplation of Justice, by J.E. Fraser10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1617a10cJustice10 Vert.
Thumbnail 161813cLiberty Bell10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1618a13cLiberty Bell10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1618C15cFt. McHenry Flag10 Vert.
Thumbnail 161916cHead of Liberty10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1619a16cHead of Liberty10 Vert.
Thumbnail 162213c13 star flag over Independence Hall (American Series)11x10½
Thumbnail 162313cFlag and Capitol11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1623a13cFlag and Capitol11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1623B13cFlag and Capitol10X9¾
Thumbnail 1623Bc13cFlag and Capitol10X9.75
Thumbnail 162513c13 star flag over Independence Hall10 Vert.
Thumbnail 162913cThe Spirit of '76, Drummer Boy11
Thumbnail 163013cSpirit of '76, Old Drummer11
Thumbnail 163113cSpirit of '76, Fifer11
Thumbnail 1631a3 x 13cThe Spirit of '7611
Thumbnail 163213cInterphil 7611
Thumbnail 163313cDeleware - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 163413cPennsylvania - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 163513cNew Jersey - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 163613cGeorgia - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 163713cConnecticut - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 163813cMassachusetts - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 163913cMaryland - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 164013cSouth Carolina - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 164113cNew Hampshire - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 164213cVirginia - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 164313cNew York - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 164413cNorth Carolina - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 164513cRhode Island - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 164613cVermont - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 164713cKentucky - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 164813cTennessee - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 164913cOhio - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 165013cLouisiana - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 165113cIndiana - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 165213cMississippi - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 165313cIllinois - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 165413cAlabama - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 165513cMaine - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 165613cMissouri - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 165713cArkansas - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 165813cMichigan - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 165913cFlorida - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 166013cTexas - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 166113cIowa - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 166213cWisconsin - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 166313cCalifornia - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 166413cMinnesota - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 166513cOregon - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 166613cKansas - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 166713cWest Virginia - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 166813cNevada - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 166913cNebraska - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 167013cColorado - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 167113cNorth Dakota - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 167213cSouth Dakota - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 167313cMontana - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 167413cWashington  - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 167513cIdaho - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 167613cWyoming - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 167713cUtah - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 167813cOklahoma - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 167913cNew Mexico - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 168013cArizona - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 168113cAlaska - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 168213cHawaii - American Bicentennial Flag Issue11
Thumbnail 1682a13cAmerican Bicentennial: State Flags11
Thumbnail 168313cBell's Telephone Patent Application, 187611
Thumbnail 168413cFord-Pullman Monoplane and Laird Swallow Biplane11
Thumbnail 168513cVarious Flasks, Separatory Funnel, Computer Tape (Modern Chemistry)11
Thumbnail 168613cSurrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, by John Trumbull11
Thumbnail 168718cDeclaration of Independence, by John Trumbull11
Thumbnail 168824cWashington Crossing the Delaware, by Emmanuel Leutze / Eastman Johnson11
Thumbnail 168931cWashington Reviewing Army at Valley Forge, by William T. Trego11
Thumbnail 169013cFranklin and Map of North America11
Thumbnail 169113cDelegates11
Thumbnail 169213cDelegates and John Adams11
Thumbnail 169313cRoger Sherman, Robert R. Livingston, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 169413cJohn Hancock, Charles Thomson, George Read, John Dickinson and Edward Rutledge11
Thumbnail 1694a13cDeclaration Of Independence11
Thumbnail 169513cOlympics - 1976, Diving11
Thumbnail 169613cOlympics - 1976, Skiing11
Thumbnail 169713cOlympics - 1976, Running11
Thumbnail 169813cOlympics - 1976, Skating11
Thumbnail 1698a4x13cOlympic Games - 197611
Thumbnail 169913cClara Maass and Newark German Hospital Pin11
Thumbnail 170013cAdolph S. Ochs (1858-1935), Publisher of the New York Times, 1896-193511
Thumbnail 170113cNativity, by John Singleton Copley11
Thumbnail 170213c"Winter Pastime," by Nathaniel Currier11
Thumbnail 170313c"Winter Pastime," by Nathaniel Currier11
Thumbnail 170413cWashington, Nassau Hall, Hessian Prisoners and 13-star Flag, by Charles Willson Peale11
Thumbnail 170513cTin Foil Phonograph11
Thumbnail 170613cPueblo Art - Zia Pot11
Thumbnail 170713cPueblo Art - San Ildefonso Pot11
Thumbnail 170813cPueblo Art - Hopi Pot11
Thumbnail 170913cPueblo Art - Acoma Pot11
Thumbnail 1709a4x13cPueblo Pottery11
Thumbnail 171013cSpirit of St. Louis11
Thumbnail 171113cColumbine and Rocky Mountains - Colorado Statehood11
Thumbnail 1711c13cColorado Statehood Issue11.2
Thumbnail 171213cSwallowtail11
Thumbnail 171313cCheckerspot11
Thumbnail 171413cDogface11
Thumbnail 171513cOrange-Tip11
Thumbnail 1715a4x13cButterfly11
Thumbnail 171613cMarquis de Lafayette11
Thumbnail 171713cSeamstress11
Thumbnail 171813cBlacksmith11
Thumbnail 171913cWheelwright11
Thumbnail 172013cLeatherworker11
Thumbnail 1720a4x13cSkilled Hands for Independence11
Thumbnail 172113cPeace Bridge and Dove11x10½
Thumbnail 172213cGeneral Herkimer at Oriskany, by Frederick Yohn11
Thumbnail 172313cEnergy Conservation11
Thumbnail 172413cEnergy Development11
Thumbnail 1724a2x13cEnergy, Conservation  and  Development11
Thumbnail 172513cFarm Houses -1st Civil Settlement - Alta, California, 177711
Thumbnail 172613cMembers of Continential Congress in Conference11
Thumbnail 172713cMovie Projector and Phonograph - Talking Pictures, 50th Anniversary11
Thumbnail 172813cSurrender of Burgoyne, by John Trumbull (Surrender at Saratogoa)11
Thumbnail 172913cWashington at Valley Forge - Christmas11
Thumbnail 173013cRural Mailbox11
Thumbnail 173113cCarl Sandburg, by William A. Smith, 195211
Thumbnail 173213cCapt. Cook, by Nathaniel Dance - Alaska 177811
Thumbnail 173313c"Resolution" and "Discovery," by John Webber - Hawaii 177811
Thumbnail 1733b2x13cCapt. James Cook, Alaska and Hawaii11
Thumbnail 173413cIndian Head Penny11
Thumbnail 1735(15c)Eagle - "A" Postage11
Thumbnail 1735c(15c)"A" Postage11.2
Thumbnail 1736(15c)Eagle - "A" Postage11 x 10½ - on 2 or 3 sides
Thumbnail 1736a(15c)Eagle "A" Postage11x10½
Thumbnail 173715cRed Masterpiece and Medallion Roses10 - on 2 or 3 sides
Thumbnail 1737a15cRoses10
Thumbnail 173815cWindmills: Virginia 172011
Thumbnail 173915cWindmills: Rhode Island11
Thumbnail 174015cWindmills: Massachusetts11
Thumbnail 174115cWindmills: Illinois11
Thumbnail 174215cWindmills: Texas11
Thumbnail 1742a15cWindmills11
Thumbnail 1742b5x15cWindmills11
Thumbnail 174315c"A" Eagle10 Vert.
Thumbnail 174413cHarriet Tubman11
Thumbnail 174513cFlowers11
Thumbnail 174613cStars11
Thumbnail 174713cStripes11
Thumbnail 174813cPlaid11
Thumbnail 1748a4x13cQuilts11
Thumbnail 174913cBallet11
Thumbnail 175013cTheater11
Thumbnail 175113cFolk11
Thumbnail 175213cModern11
Thumbnail 1752a4x13cBlock of 4, #1749-175211
Thumbnail 175313cKing Louis XVI and Benjamin Franklin11
Thumbnail 175413cDr. Papaicolaou and Microscope10½x11
Thumbnail 175513cJimmie Rodgers11
Thumbnail 175615cGeorge M. Cohan11
Thumbnail 17578x13cWildlife from Canadian-United States Border11
Thumbnail 1757A13cCardinal11
Thumbnail 1757B13cMallard11
Thumbnail 1757C13cCanadian Goose11
Thumbnail 1757D13cBlue Jay11
Thumbnail 1757E13cMoose11
Thumbnail 1757F13cChipmunk11
Thumbnail 1757G13cRed fox11
Thumbnail 1757H13cRaccoon11
Thumbnail 175815cPhotography Issue11
Thumbnail 175915cViking Missions to Mars11
Thumbnail 176015cGreat Gray11
Thumbnail 176115cSaw-Whet11
Thumbnail 176215cBarred Owl11
Thumbnail 176315cGreat Horned11
Thumbnail 1763a4x15cAmerican Owls11
Thumbnail 176415cGiant Sequoia11
Thumbnail 176515cWhite Pine11
Thumbnail 176615cWhite Oak11
Thumbnail 176715cGray Birch11
Thumbnail 1767a4x15cAmerican Trees Issue11
Thumbnail 176815cMadonna and Child with Cherubim by Andrea della Robbia11
Thumbnail 176915cChild On Hobby Horse and Christmas Trees11
Thumbnail 177015cRobert F. Kennedy11
Thumbnail 177115cMartin Luther King11
Thumbnail 177215cYear Of The Child11
Thumbnail 177315cJohn Steinbeck Issue10½x11
Thumbnail 177415cAlbert Einstein10½ x 11
Thumbnail 177515cStraight-Spout Coffee Pot11
Thumbnail 177615cTea Caddy11
Thumbnail 177715cSugar Bowl11
Thumbnail 177815cCoffee Pot11
Thumbnail 1778a4x15cPennsylvania Toleware11
Thumbnail 177915cVirginia Rotunda11
Thumbnail 178015cBaltimore Cathedral11
Thumbnail 178115cBoston State House11
Thumbnail 178215cAmerican Architecture11
Thumbnail 1782a4x15cAmerican Architecture Issue11
Thumbnail 178315cPersistent Trillium11
Thumbnail 178415cBroadbean11
Thumbnail 178515cWallflower11
Thumbnail 178615cEvening Primrose11
Thumbnail 1786a4x15cEndangered Flora11
Thumbnail 178715cSeeing Eye Dogs11
Thumbnail 178815cSpecial Olympics11
Thumbnail 178915cJohn Paul Jones11 x 12
Thumbnail 1789a15cJohn Paul Jones Issue11
Thumbnail 1789B15cJohn Paul Jones Issue12
Thumbnail 179010c1980 Summer Olympics: Decathlete11
Thumbnail 179115cRunners11
Thumbnail 179215cSwimmers11
Thumbnail 179315cRowers11
Thumbnail 179415cEquestrian11
Thumbnail 1794a4x15c1980 Summer Olympics11
Thumbnail 179515cSkater11x10½
Thumbnail 1795a15c1980 Winter Olympics:Speed Skating11
Thumbnail 179615cDownhill Skier11x10½
Thumbnail 1796a15c1980 Winter Olympics:Skiing11
Thumbnail 179715cSki Jumper11x10½
Thumbnail 1797a15c1980 Winter Olympics:Jumping11
Thumbnail 179815cHockey11x10½
Thumbnail 1798a15c1980 Winter Olympics11
Thumbnail 1798Ac4x15c1980 Winter Olympics11
Thumbnail 1798b15cWinter Olympic Games11¼x10½
Thumbnail 179915cChristmas 197911
Thumbnail 180015cChristmas 1979: Gingerbread11
Thumbnail 180115cWill Rogers11
Thumbnail 180215cHonoring Vietnam Veterans11
Thumbnail 180315cW.C. Fields11
Thumbnail 180455cBen Banneker11
Thumbnail 180515cNational Letter Writing Week: Letters Preserve Memories11
Thumbnail 180615cP.S. Write Soon11
Thumbnail 180715cLetters Lift Spirits11
Thumbnail 180815cP.S. Write Soon11
Thumbnail 180915cLetters Shape Opinions11
Thumbnail 181015cP.S. Write Soon11
Thumbnail 1810a6x15cNational Letter Writing Week11
Thumbnail 18111cQuill  and  Inkwell10 Vert.
Thumbnail 18133½cWeaver Violins10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1813a3½cWeaver Violins10 Vert.
Thumbnail 181818c"B" Eagle11x10½
Thumbnail 181918cEagle "B" Postage10
Thumbnail 1819a(18c)"B" Postage10
Thumbnail 1820(18c)"B" Postage10 Vert.
Thumbnail 182115cFrances Perkins10½x11
Thumbnail 182215cDolley Madison11
Thumbnail 182315cEmily Bissell Issue11
Thumbnail 182415cHelen Keller/Anne Sullivan11
Thumbnail 182515cVeteran's Administration11
Thumbnail 182615cGeneral de Galvez11
Thumbnail 182715cBrain Coral11
Thumbnail 182815cElkhorn Coral11
Thumbnail 182915cChalice Coral11
Thumbnail 183015cFinger Coral11
Thumbnail 1830a15c"Block o 4" Coral Reefs (1827-1830)11
Thumbnail 183115cOrganized Labor11
Thumbnail 183215cEdith Wharton10½x11
Thumbnail 183315cEducation10½ x11
Thumbnail 183415cHeiltsuk, Bella Bella Tribe11
Thumbnail 183515cChilkat Tlingit Tribe11
Thumbnail 183615cTlingit Tribe11
Thumbnail 183715cBella Coola Tribe11
Thumbnail 1837a15cBlock of 4 -American Folk Art (Pacific Northwest Indian Masks)11
Thumbnail 183815cAmerican Architecture: Smithsonian11
Thumbnail 183915cTrinity Church11
Thumbnail 184015cPenn Academy11
Thumbnail 184115cLyndhurst11
Thumbnail 1841a15c "Block of 4" American Architecture Issue (1838-1841)11
Thumbnail 184215cChristmas 1980: Madonna  and  Child Ephiphany Window11
Thumbnail 184315cChristmas 198011