Stamp Smarter Checklist 1981-1990
Thumbnail 1304C5cGeorge Washington10 Vert.
Thumbnail 159412cTorch, Statue of Liberty11x10½
Thumbnail 1622C13c13 star flag over Independence Hall11¼
Thumbnail 181612cTorch10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1816a12cTorch10 Vert.
Thumbnail 18441cGreat Americans: Dorothea Dix11 x 10½
Thumbnail 18452cGreat Americans: Igor Stravinsky11 x 10½
Thumbnail 18463cGreat Americans: Henry Clay11 x 10½
Thumbnail 18474cGreat Americans: Carl Schurz11 x 10½
Thumbnail 18485cGreat Americans: Pearl Buck11 x 10½
Thumbnail 18496cGreat Americans: Walter Lippmann11
Thumbnail 18507cGreat Americans: Abraham Baldwin11
Thumbnail 18518cGreat Americans: General Henry Knox11
Thumbnail 18529cGreat Americans: Sylvanus Thayer11
Thumbnail 185310cGreat Americans: Richard Russell11
Thumbnail 185411cGreat Americans: Alden Partridge11
Thumbnail 185513cGreat Americans: Crazy Horse11 x 10½
Thumbnail 185614cGreat Americans: Sinclair Lewis11
Thumbnail 1856a14cSinclair Lewis11
Thumbnail 185717cGreat Americans: Rachel Carson11 x 10½
Thumbnail 185818cGreat Americans: George Mason11 x 10½
Thumbnail 185919cGreat Americans: Sequoyah11 x 10½
Thumbnail 186020cGreat Americans: Ralph Banche11 x 10½
Thumbnail 186120cGreat Americans: Thomas H. Gallaudet11 x 10½
Thumbnail 186220cGreat Americans: Harry S. Truman11
Thumbnail 1862a20cHarry S. Truman11.2
Thumbnail 186322cGreat Americans: John J. Audubon11
Thumbnail 1863b22cJohn J. Audubon11.2
Thumbnail 186430cGreat Americans: Dr. Frank C. Laubach11
Thumbnail 1864a20cFrank C. Laubach11.2
Thumbnail 186535cGreat Americans: Charles Drew, MD11 x 10½
Thumbnail 186637cGreat Americans: Robert Millikan11 x 10½
Thumbnail 186739cGreat Americans: Grenville Clark11
Thumbnail 186840cGreat Americans: Lillian Gilbreth11
Thumbnail 1868a40cLillian Gilbreth11.2
Thumbnail 186950cGreat Americans: Admiral Chester W. Nimitz11
Thumbnail 1869a50cAdmiral C. W. Nimitz11.2
Thumbnail 187415cEverett Dirksen11
Thumbnail 187515cWhitney Moore Young11
Thumbnail 187618cRose11
Thumbnail 187718cFlowers: Camellia11
Thumbnail 187818cDahlia11
Thumbnail 187918cLily11
Thumbnail 1879a18c" Block of 4" Flowers  (1876-1879)11
Thumbnail 188018cAmerican Wildlife: Bighorn Sheep11
Thumbnail 188118cAmerican Wildlife: Puma11
Thumbnail 188218cAmerican Wildlife: Harbor Seal11
Thumbnail 188318cAmerican Wildlife: Bison11
Thumbnail 188418cAmerican Wildlife: Brown Bear11
Thumbnail 188518cAmerican Wildlife: Polar Bear11
Thumbnail 188618cAmerican Wildlife: Elk11
Thumbnail 188718cAmerican Wildlife: Moose11
Thumbnail 188818cAmerican Wildlife: Deer11
Thumbnail 188918cAmerican Wildlife: Pronghorn11
Thumbnail 1889a10x18cAmerican Wildlife11
Thumbnail 189018c...for "amber waves of grain"11
Thumbnail 189118cFlag Anthem: from sea to shining sea10 Vert.
Thumbnail 18926cFlag and Anthem11
Thumbnail 189318cFlag Anthem: for Purple Mountain Majasties11
Thumbnail 189420cFlag over Court11
Thumbnail 189520cFlag Over Court10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1895a20cFlag over Court10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1895b20cFlag over Court10 Vert.
Thumbnail 189620cFlag over Court11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1896A20cFlag over Supreme Court11x10½
Thumbnail 1896b20cFlag over Court11 x 10½
Thumbnail 18971cOmnibus 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1897A2c1870s Locomotive10 Vert.
Thumbnail 18983c1880s Handcar10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1898A4cStagecoach10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1898Ab4cStagecoach 1890s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 18995cMotorcycle 191310 Vert.
Thumbnail 19005.2cSleigh 1880's10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1900a5.2cSleigh 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 19015.9cBicycle 1870s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1901a5.9cBicycle 1870s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 19027.4cBaby Buggy 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1902a7.4cBaby Buggy 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 19039.3cMail Wagon 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1903a9.3cMail Wagon 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 190410.9cHansom Cab 1890s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1904a10.9cHansom Cab 1890s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 190511c1890s RR Caboose10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1905a11cRR Caboose 1890s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 190617cElectric Auto 191710 Vert.
Thumbnail 1906a17cElectric Auto 191710 Vert.
Thumbnail 190718cSurrey 1890s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 190820cFire Pumper10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1909$9.35 Express Mail10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1909A$9.35 Express Mail - Eagle and Moon10 Vert.
Thumbnail 191018cAmerican Red Cross centennial11
Thumbnail 191118cSavings and Loans Sesquicentennial11
Thumbnail 191218cMoon Walk11
Thumbnail 191318cBooster Drop11
Thumbnail 191418cDoors Open11
Thumbnail 191518cSkylab11
Thumbnail 191618cPioneer II11
Thumbnail 191718cBlast Off11
Thumbnail 191818cShuttle Landing11
Thumbnail 191918cSpace Telescope11
Thumbnail 1919a18cShuttle (Block of 8 - 1912-1919)11
Thumbnail 192018cProfessional Management11
Thumbnail 192118cBlue Heron11
Thumbnail 192218cBadger11
Thumbnail 192318cSave Mountain Habitats11
Thumbnail 192418cGrouse11
Thumbnail 1924a4x18cWildlife Habitats11
Thumbnail 192518cInternational Year of the Disabled11
Thumbnail 192618cEdna St. Vincent Millay11
Thumbnail 192718cAlcoholism11
Thumbnail 192818cNYU Library11
Thumbnail 192918cBiltmore House11
Thumbnail 193018cPalace of the Art11
Thumbnail 193118cBank Owatonna11
Thumbnail 1931a4x18cAmerican Architecture Issue11
Thumbnail 193218cBabe Zaharias10½x11
Thumbnail 193318cBobby Jones10½x11
Thumbnail 193418cFrederic Remington11
Thumbnail 193518cJames Hoban11
Thumbnail 193620cJames Hoban11
Thumbnail 193718cBattle Of Yorktown11
Thumbnail 193818cBattle Of Virginia Capes11
Thumbnail 1938a2x18cBattle Of Virginia Capes11
Thumbnail 193920cChristmas Madonna11
Thumbnail 194020cChristmas 'Teddy Bear'11
Thumbnail 194120cJohn Hanson11
Thumbnail 194220cDesert Plants Issue11
Thumbnail 194320cAgave11
Thumbnail 194420cBeavertail Cactus11
Thumbnail 194520cSaguaro11
Thumbnail 1945a4x20cDesert Plants11
Thumbnail 194620c"C" Eagle11x10½
Thumbnail 1947(20c)"C" Postage10 Vert.
Thumbnail 1948(20c)"C" Postage11 x 10½
Thumbnail 1948a(20c)"C" Postage11 x 10½
Thumbnail 194920cRocky Mountain Bighorn11
Thumbnail 1949a20cBighorn Sheep11
Thumbnail 1949c20cBighorn Sheep11
Thumbnail 195020cF.D. Roosevelt11
Thumbnail 195120cLove11
Thumbnail 1951A20cLove11¼x10½
Thumbnail 195220cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 195320cAlabama10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1953A20cAlabama11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 195420cAlaska10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1954A20cAlaska11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 195520cArizona10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1955A20cArizona11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 195620cArkansas10½x11
Thumbnail 1956A20cArkansas11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 195720cCalifornia10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1957A20cCalifornia11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 195820cColorado10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1958A20cColorado11.25x11
Thumbnail 195920cConnecticut10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1959A20cConnecticut11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 196020cDelaware10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1960A20cDelaware11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 196120cFlorida10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1961A20cFlorida11.25x11
Thumbnail 196220cGeorgia10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1962A20cGeorgia11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 196320cHawaii10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1963A20cHawaii11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 196420cIdaho10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1964A20cIdaho11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 196520cIllinois10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1965A20cIllinois11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 196620cIndiana10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1966A20cIndiana11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 196720cIowa10½x11
Thumbnail 1967A20cIowa11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 196820cKansas10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1968A20cKansas11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 196920cKentucky10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1969A20cKentucky11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 197020cLouisiana10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1970A20cLouisiana11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 197120cMaine10½x11
Thumbnail 1971A20cMaine11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 197220cMaryland10½x11
Thumbnail 1972A20cMaryland11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 197320cMassachusetts10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1973A20cMassachusetts11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 197420cMichigan10½x11
Thumbnail 1974A20cMichigan11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 197520cMinnesota10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1975A20cMinnesota11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 197620cMississippi10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1976A20cMississippi11.25x11
Thumbnail 197720cMissouri10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1977A20cMissouri11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 197820cMontana10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1978A20cMontana11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 197920cNebraska10½x11
Thumbnail 1979A20cNebraska11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 198020cNevada10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1980A20cNevada11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 198120cNew Hampshire10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1981A20cNew Hampshire11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 198220cNew Jersey10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1982A20cNew Jersey11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 198320cNew Mexico10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1983A20cNew Mexico11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 198420cNew York10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1984A20cNew York11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 198520cNorth Carolina10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1985A20cNorth Carolina11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 198620cNorth Dakota10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1986A20cNorth Dakota11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 198720cOhio10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1987A20cOhio11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 198820cOklahoma10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1988A20cOklahoma11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 198920cOregon10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1989A20cOregon11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 199020cPennsylvania10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1990A20cPennsylvania11.25x11
Thumbnail 199120cRhode Island10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1991A20cRhode Island11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 199220cSouth Carolina10½x11
Thumbnail 1992A20cSouth Carolina11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 199320cSouth Dakota10½x11
Thumbnail 1993A20cSouth Dakota11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 199420cTennessee10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1994A20cTennessee11.25x11
Thumbnail 199520cTexas10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1995A20cTexas11.25x11
Thumbnail 199620cUtah10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1996A20cUtah11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 199720cVermont10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1997A20cVermont11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 199820cVirginia10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1998A20cVirginia11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 199920cWashington10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 1999A20cWashington11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 2000A20cWest Virginia11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 200120cWisconsin10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 2001A20cWisconsin11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 200220cWyoming10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 2002A20cWyoming11¼ x 11
Thumbnail 2002Ac20cState Birds  and  Flowers11¼x11
Thumbnail 2002b50x20cState Birds/Flowers10½ x 11¼
Thumbnail 200320cUSA-The Netherlands11
Thumbnail 200420cLibrary Of Congress11
Thumbnail 200520cConsumer Education10 Vert.
Thumbnail 200620cSolar Energy11
Thumbnail 200720cSynthetic Fuels11
Thumbnail 200820cBreeder Reactor11
Thumbnail 200920cFossil Fuels11
Thumbnail 2009a4x20cWorld's Fair 198211
Thumbnail 201020cHoratio Alger11
Thumbnail 201120cAging Together11
Thumbnail 201220cThe Barrymores11
Thumbnail 201320cDr. Mary Walker11
Thumbnail 201420cInternational Peace Garden11
Thumbnail 201520cAmerica's Libraries11
Thumbnail 201620cJackie Robinson10½x11
Thumbnail 201720cTouro Synagogue11
Thumbnail 201820cWolf Trap Farm Park11
Thumbnail 201920cFallingwater11
Thumbnail 202020cArchitecture: Illinois Institute of Technology11
Thumbnail 202120cGropius House11
Thumbnail 202220cDulles Airport11
Thumbnail 2022a4x20cAmerican Architecture Issue11
Thumbnail 202320cFrancis Of Assisi11
Thumbnail 202420cPonce De Leon11
Thumbnail 202520cKitten  and  Puppy11
Thumbnail 202620cChristmas 198211
Thumbnail 202720cChristmas 1982: Children Sledding11
Thumbnail 202820cChristmas 1982: Building a Snowman11
Thumbnail 202920cChristmas 1982: Children Skating11
Thumbnail 203020cChristmas 1982: Decorating a Tree11
Thumbnail 2030a4x20cSeasons Greetings11
Thumbnail 203120cScience and Industry11
Thumbnail 203220cBalloons Issue11
Thumbnail 203320cBalloons Issue11
Thumbnail 203420cBalloons Issue11
Thumbnail 203520cBalloons Issue11
Thumbnail 2035a4x20cBalloons11
Thumbnail 203620cSwedish Treaty11
Thumbnail 203720cCivilian Conservation Corps11
Thumbnail 203820cJoseph Priestley11
Thumbnail 203920cVolunteerism11
Thumbnail 204020cGerman Immigration - Concord11
Thumbnail 204120cBrooklyn Bridge11
Thumbnail 204220cTennessee Valley11
Thumbnail 204320cPhysical Fitness11
Thumbnail 204420cScott Joplin11
Thumbnail 204520cMedal Of Honor11
Thumbnail 204620cBabe Ruth10½x11
Thumbnail 204720cNathaniel Hawthorne11
Thumbnail 204813cDiscus Thrower11
Thumbnail 204913cHigh Jumper11
Thumbnail 205013cArcher11
Thumbnail 205113cBoxers11
Thumbnail 2051a4x13c1984 Olympics11
Thumbnail 205220cTreaty Of Paris11
Thumbnail 205320cCivil Service11
Thumbnail 205420cMetro Opera11
Thumbnail 205520cCharles Steinmetz11
Thumbnail 205620cEdwin Armstrong11
Thumbnail 205720cNikola Tesla11
Thumbnail 205820cPhilo T. Farnsworth11
Thumbnail 2058a4x20cInventors11
Thumbnail 205920cStreetcars - First American Streetcar11
Thumbnail 206020cStreetcars - Early Electric Streetcar11
Thumbnail 206120cStreetcars - "Bobtail" Streetcar11
Thumbnail 206220cStreetcars - St. Charles Streetcar11
Thumbnail 2062a20cStreetcars11
Thumbnail 206320cChristmas Traditional11
Thumbnail 206420cChristmas Contemporary11
Thumbnail 206520cMartin Luther11
Thumbnail 206620cAlaska Statehood11
Thumbnail 206720c1984 Winter Olympics: Ice Dancing10½ x 11
Thumbnail 206820c1984 Olympics: Alpine Skiing10½ x 11
Thumbnail 206920c1984 Winter Olympics: Nordic Skiing10½ x 11
Thumbnail 207020c1984 Winter Olympics: Hockey10½ x 11
Thumbnail 2070a4x20c1984 Winter Olympics, Sarajevo, Yugoslavia10½x11
Thumbnail 207120cFDIC11
Thumbnail 207220cLove11x10½
Thumbnail 207320cCarter G. Woodson11
Thumbnail 207420cSoil  and  Water11
Thumbnail 207520cCredit Union Act11
Thumbnail 207620cOrchids: Wild Pink11
Thumbnail 207720cOrchids: Yellow Lady's Slipper11
Thumbnail 207820cOrchids: Spreading Pogonia11
Thumbnail 207920cOrchids: Pacific Calypso11
Thumbnail 2079a4x20cOrchids11
Thumbnail 208020cHawaii Statehood11
Thumbnail 208120cNational Archives11
Thumbnail 208220cDiving11
Thumbnail 208320cLong Jump11
Thumbnail 208420cWrestling11
Thumbnail 208520cKayak11
Thumbnail 2085a4x20c1984 Summer Olympics, LA, Calif11
Thumbnail 208620cLouisiana Expo11
Thumbnail 208720cHealth Research11
Thumbnail 208820cDouglas Fairbanks Issue11
Thumbnail 208920cJim Thorpe11
Thumbnail 209020cJohn McCormack11
Thumbnail 209120cSt. Lawrence Seaway11
Thumbnail 209220cMigratory Bird Stamp11
Thumbnail 209320cRoanoke Voyages11
Thumbnail 209420cHerman Melville, 1819-189111
Thumbnail 209520cHorace Moses11
Thumbnail 209620cSmokey Bear11
Thumbnail 209720cRoberto Clemente11
Thumbnail 209820cBeagle and Boston Terrier11
Thumbnail 209920cChesapeake Bay Retriever and Cocker Spaniel11
Thumbnail 210020cAlaskan Malamute and Collie11
Thumbnail 210120cCoonhound and American Foxhound11
Thumbnail 2101a4x20cDogs11
Thumbnail 210220cCrime Prevention11
Thumbnail 210320cHispanic Americans11
Thumbnail 210420cFamily Unity11
Thumbnail 210520cEleanor Roosevelt11
Thumbnail 210620cNation Of Readers11
Thumbnail 210720cChristmas Traditional11
Thumbnail 210820cChristmas Contemporary11
Thumbnail 210920cVietnam Veterans Memorial11
Thumbnail 211022cJerome Kern11
Thumbnail 211122cDomestic Mail "D" Postage11
Thumbnail 2113(22c)Domestic Mail "D" Postage11
Thumbnail 211422cFlag over Capitol11
Thumbnail 211522cFlag,  Capitol10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2115b22cFlag,  Capitol11
Thumbnail 2115c22cFlagPerf. 10 Vert.
Thumbnail 211622cFlag over Capitol10 Horz.
Thumbnail 2116A5x22cFlag,  Capitol10 Horz.
Thumbnail 211722cFrilled Dogwinkle10
Thumbnail 211822cReticulated Helmet Shell10
Thumbnail 211922cNew England Neptune10
Thumbnail 212022cCalico Scallop10
Thumbnail 212122cLightning Whelk10
Thumbnail 2121A5x22cSeashells10
Thumbnail 2121e5x22cSeashells10
Thumbnail 2122$10.75 Eagle  and  Half Moon10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2122A$10.75 Eagle and Half Pane10 Vert.
Thumbnail 21233.4cSchool Bus 1920s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2123a3.4cSchool Bus 1920s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 21244.9cBuckboard 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2124a4.9cBuckboard 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 21255½cStar Truck Route 1910s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2125a5½cStar Truck Route 1910s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 21266cTricycle 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2126a6cTricycle 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 21277.1cTractor  1920s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2127a7.1cTractor  1920s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 21288.3cAmbulance 1860s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2128a8.3cAmbulance 1860s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 21298½ cTow Truck 1920s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2129a8½cTow Truck 1920s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 213010.1cOil Wagon 1890s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2130a10.1cOil Wagon 1890s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 213111cStutz Bearcat 193310 Vert.
Thumbnail 213212cStanley Steamer10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2132a12cStanley Steamer10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2132b12cStanley Steamer 190910 Vert.
Thumbnail 213312½cPushcart 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2133a12½cPushcart 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 213414cIceboat 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2134b14cIceboats 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 213517cDog Sled 1920s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 213625cBread wagon10 Vert.
Thumbnail 213722cMary McLeod Bethune11
Thumbnail 213822cBroadbill Decoy11
Thumbnail 213922cMallard Decoy11
Thumbnail 214022cCanvasback Decoy11
Thumbnail 214122cRedhead Decoy11
Thumbnail 2141a4x22cDuck Decoys11
Thumbnail 214222cSpecial Olympics11
Thumbnail 214322cLove11
Thumbnail 214422cRural Electrification Admin.11
Thumbnail 214522cAmeripex '8611
Thumbnail 214622cAbigail Adams11
Thumbnail 214722cF.A. Bartholdi11
Thumbnail 214918cGeorge Washington  and  Monument10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2149a8cWashingtonPerf. 10 Vert.
Thumbnail 215021.1cEnvelopes10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2150a21.1cSealed Envelopes10 Vert.
Thumbnail 215222cKorea Veterans11
Thumbnail 215322cSocial Security11
Thumbnail 215422cWorld War I Veterans11
Thumbnail 215522cHorses: Quarter Horse11
Thumbnail 215622cHorses: Morgan11
Thumbnail 215722cHorses: Saddlebred11
Thumbnail 215822cHorses: Appaloosa11
Thumbnail 2158a4x22cHorses11
Thumbnail 215922cPublic Education11
Thumbnail 216022cYMCA Youth Camping11
Thumbnail 216122cBoy Scouts11
Thumbnail 216222cBig Brothers/Big Sisters11
Thumbnail 216322cCamp Fire11
Thumbnail 2163a4x22cInternational Youth Year11
Thumbnail 216422cHunger11
Thumbnail 216522cChristmas 1985: Luca della Robbia11
Thumbnail 216622cChristmas 1985: Poinsettia11
Thumbnail 216722cArkansas Statehood11
Thumbnail 21681cGreat Americans: Margaret Mitchell11
Thumbnail 21692cGreat Americans: Mary Lyon11
Thumbnail 2169a2cMary Lyons11
Thumbnail 21703cGreat Americans: Paul Dudley White, MD11
Thumbnail 2170a3cPaul Dudley White11
Thumbnail 21714cGreat Americans: Father Flanagan11
Thumbnail 2171a4cFather Flanagan11
Thumbnail 21725cGreat Americans: Hugo L. Black11
Thumbnail 21735cGreat Americans: Luis Munoz Marin11
Thumbnail 2173a5cLuis Munoz Marin11
Thumbnail 217510cGreat Americans: Red Cloud11
Thumbnail 2175a10cRed Cloud11
Thumbnail 217614cGreat Americans: Julia Ward Howe11
Thumbnail 2176a14cJulia Ward Howe11
Thumbnail 217715cGreat Americans: Buffalo Bill Cody11
Thumbnail 2177a15cBuffalo Bill Cody11
Thumbnail 217817cGreat Americans: Belva Ann Lockwood11
Thumbnail 2178a17cBelva Lockwood11
Thumbnail 218021cGreat Americans: Chester Carlson11
Thumbnail 2180a21cChester Floyd Carlson11
Thumbnail 218123cGreat Americans: Mary Cassatt11
Thumbnail 2181a23cMary Cassatt11
Thumbnail 218225cGreat Americans: Jack London11
Thumbnail 2182a25cJack London11
Thumbnail 218328cGreat Americans: Sitting Bull11
Thumbnail 218740cGreat Americans: Claire Chennault11
Thumbnail 218845cGreat Americans: Harvey Cushing, MD11
Thumbnail 219056cGreat Americans: John Harvard11
Thumbnail 219165cGreat Americans: H.H. 'Hap' Arnold11
Thumbnail 2193$1 Great Americans: Bernard Revel11
Thumbnail 2194$1 Great Americans: Johns Hopkins11
Thumbnail 2195$2 Great Americans: William Jennings Bryan11
Thumbnail 2196$5 Great Americans: Bret Harte11
Thumbnail 219725cGreat Americans: Jack London10
Thumbnail 219822cHandstamped Cover10 Vert.
Thumbnail 219922cBoy Examining Stamp Cover10 Vert.
Thumbnail 220022cUnder Magnifying Glass10 Vert.
Thumbnail 220122cPresidents Miniature Sheet10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2201a4x22cStamp Collecting Bkt10 Vert.
Thumbnail 220222cLove - Puppy11
Thumbnail 220322cSojourner Truth11
Thumbnail 220422cRepublic of Texas11
Thumbnail 220522cFish: Muskellunge10 horiz.
Thumbnail 220622cAtlantic Cod10 Horz.
Thumbnail 220722cLargemouth Bass10 Horz.
Thumbnail 220822cBluefin Tuna10 Horz.
Thumbnail 220922cFish: Catfish10 horiz.
Thumbnail 2209a5x22cFish Booklet10 Horz.
Thumbnail 221022cPublic Hospitals11
Thumbnail 221122cDuke Ellington11
Thumbnail 22169x22cPresidents I11
Thumbnail 2216A22cGeorge Washington11
Thumbnail 2216B22cJohn Adams11
Thumbnail 2216C22cThomas Jefferson11
Thumbnail 2216D22cJames Madison11
Thumbnail 2216E22cJames Monroe11
Thumbnail 2216F22cJohn Quincy Adams11
Thumbnail 2216G22cAndrew Jackson11
Thumbnail 2216H22cMartin Van Buren11
Thumbnail 2216I22cWilliam Harrison11
Thumbnail 22179x22cPresidents II11
Thumbnail 2217A22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2217B22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2217C22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2217D22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2217E22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2217F22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2217G22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2217H22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2217I22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 22189x22cPresidents III11
Thumbnail 2218A22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2218B22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2218C22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2218D22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2218E22cBenjamin Harrison11
Thumbnail 2218F22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2218G22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2218H22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2218I22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 22199x22cPresident Sheet IV11
Thumbnail 2219A22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2219B22cCalvin Coolidge11
Thumbnail 2219C22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2219D22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2219E22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2219F22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2219G22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2219H22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 2219I22cPresidential Minature Souvenir Sheet11
Thumbnail 222022cPolar Exploration: Elisha Kent Kane11
Thumbnail 222122cPolar Exploration: Adolphus Greely11
Thumbnail 222222cPolar Exploration: Vilhajaimur Stefansson11
Thumbnail 222322cPolar Exploration: Robert E. Peary  and  Matthew Henson11
Thumbnail 2223a4x22cArctic Explorers11
Thumbnail 222422cStatue Of Liberty, 100th Anniv.11
Thumbnail 22251cOmnibus 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2225b1cOmnibus 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 22262c1870s Locomotive10 Vert
Thumbnail 2226a2cLocomotive 1870s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 22284cStagecoach 1890s, P# strip of 310 Vert.
Thumbnail 22318.3cAmbulance10 Vert.
Thumbnail 223522cNavajo Art11
Thumbnail 223622cNavajo Art11
Thumbnail 223722cNavajo Art11
Thumbnail 223822cNavajo Art11
Thumbnail 2238a4x22cNavajo Art Issue11
Thumbnail 223922cT.S. Eliot11
Thumbnail 224022cFolk Art: Highlander11
Thumbnail 224122cFolk Art: Ship Figurehead11
Thumbnail 224222cFolk Art: Nautical11
Thumbnail 224322cFolk Art: Cigar Store11
Thumbnail 2243a4x22cWoodcarved Figurines11
Thumbnail 224422cChristmas Traditional11
Thumbnail 224522cChristmas 198611
Thumbnail 224622cMichigan11
Thumbnail 224722cPan American Games11
Thumbnail 224822cHearts and Flowers11½x11
Thumbnail 224922cJean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable11
Thumbnail 225022cEnrico Caruso11
Thumbnail 225122cGirl Scouts11
Thumbnail 22523cConestoga Wagon 1800s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2252a3cConestoga Wagon 1800s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 22535cMilk Wagon 1900s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 22545.3cElevator 1900s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 22557.6cCarretta 1770s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 22568.4cWheel Chair 1920s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 225710cCanal Boat 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 225813cPolice Patrol Wagon 1880s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 225913.2cCoal Car 1870s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 226015cTugboat 1900s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 226116.7cPopcorn Wagon 190210 Vert.
Thumbnail 226217.5cRacing Car 19119.8 Vert.
Thumbnail 2262a17½cRacing Car 191110 Vert.
Thumbnail 226320c1880s Cable Car10 Vert.
Thumbnail 226420½cFire Engine 1900s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 226521cMail Car10 Vert.
Thumbnail 226624.1cTandem Bicycle 1890s10 Vert.
Thumbnail 226722cCongratulations10
Thumbnail 226822cGet Well10
Thumbnail 226922cSpecial Occasions Issue10
Thumbnail 227022cLove You, Dad10
Thumbnail 227122cBest Wishes10
Thumbnail 227222cSpecial Occasions Issue10
Thumbnail 227322cLove You, Mother10
Thumbnail 227422cKeep In Touch10
Thumbnail 2274a10x22cOccasions BookletPerf. 10
Thumbnail 227522cUnited Way11
Thumbnail 227622cFlag and Fireworks11
Thumbnail 2276a20x22cFlag and Fireworks11
Thumbnail 227725c"E" Stamp Globe11
Thumbnail 227825cFlag  and  Clouds11
Thumbnail 227925cEarth 'E' Series10 Vert.
Thumbnail 228025cYosemitePerf. 10 Vert.
Thumbnail 228125cHoneybee10 Vert.
Thumbnail 2282(25c)Earth 'E' Domestic Postage10
Thumbnail 2282a(25c)Earth 'E' Domestic Postage10
Thumbnail 228325cPheasant Book11
Thumbnail 2283a25cPheasant Book11
Thumbnail 228425cGrosbeak10
Thumbnail 228525cOwl10 on 2 or 3 sides
Thumbnail 2285A25cFlag and Clouds10
Thumbnail 2285Ac4x25cFlag and Clouds10
Thumbnail 2285b10x25cOwl10 on 2 or 3 sides
Thumbnail 2285d2x25cOwl10 on 2 or 3 sides
Thumbnail 228622cBarn Swallow11
Thumbnail 228722cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 228822cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 228922cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 229022cAmerican Wildlife Issue: Cottontail11
Thumbnail 229122cAmerican Wildlife Issue:Osprey11
Thumbnail 229222cAmerican Wildlife Issue: Muontain Lion11
Thumbnail 229322cAmerican Wildlife Issue: Luna Moth11
Thumbnail 229422cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 229522cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 229622cAmerican Wildlife Issue: Armadillo11
Thumbnail 229722cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 229822cAmerican Wildlife Issue: Moose11
Thumbnail 229922cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 230022cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 230122cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 230222cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 230322cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 230422cAmerican Wildlife Issue: American Lobster11
Thumbnail 230522cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 230622cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 230722cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 230822cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 230922cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 231022cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 231122cAmerican Wildlife Issue: Iiwi11
Thumbnail 231222cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 231322cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 231422cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 231522cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 231622cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 231722cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 231822cAmerican Wildlife Issue: Blue Jay11
Thumbnail 231922cAmerican Wildlife Issue: Pikea11
Thumbnail 232022cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 232122cAmerican Wildlife Issue: Snowy Egret11
Thumbnail 232222cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 232322cAmerican Wildlife: Mountain Goat11
Thumbnail 232422cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 232522cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 232622cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 232722cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 232822cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 232922cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 233022cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 233122cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 233222cAmerican Wildlife Issue11
Thumbnail 233322cAmerican Wildlife Issue: Black-footed Ferret11
Thumbnail 233422cAmerican Wildlife Issue: Canada Goose11
Thumbnail 233522cAmerican Wildlife Issue: Red Fox11
Thumbnail 2335a22cAmerican Wildlife11
Thumbnail 233622cDelaware Statehood11
Thumbnail 233722cPennsylvania11
Thumbnail 233822cNew Jersey11
Thumbnail 233922cGeorgia Statehood11
Thumbnail 234022cConnecticut11
Thumbnail 234122cMassachusetts Statehood Bicentennial11
Thumbnail 234222cMaryland Statehood11
Thumbnail 234325cSouth Carolina11
Thumbnail 234425cNew Hampshire11
Thumbnail 234525cVirginia Statehood11
Thumbnail 234625cNew York Statehood11
Thumbnail 234725cNorth Carolina11
Thumbnail 234825cRhode Island11
Thumbnail 234922cUSA-Morocco Relations11
Thumbnail 235022cWilliam Faulkner11
Thumbnail 235122cLacemaking-UL11
Thumbnail 235222cLacemaking-UR11
Thumbnail 235322cLacemaking-LL11
Thumbnail 235422cLacemaking-LR11
Thumbnail 2354a4x22cLacemaking11
Thumbnail 235522cThe Bicentennial10 Horz.
Thumbnail 235622cWe the People10 Horz.
Thumbnail 235722cEstablish Justice10 Horz.
Thumbnail 235822cAnd Secure10 Horz.
Thumbnail 235922cDo Ordain10 Horz.
Thumbnail 2359a5x22cDrafting of the Consititution10 Horz.
Thumbnail 236022cSigning Of The Constitution11
Thumbnail 236122cCertified Public Accountants11
Thumbnail 236222cLocomotives - 1829 Stoutbridge10 Horz.
Thumbnail 236322cLocomotives - 1830 Best Friend of Charleston10 Horz.
Thumbnail 236422cLocomotives - 1831 John Bull10 Horz.
Thumbnail 236522cLocomotives - 1832 Brother Jonathon10 Horz.
Thumbnail 236622cLocomotives - 1839 Gowan  and  Marx10 Horz.
Thumbnail 2366a22cLocomotives10 Horiz.
Thumbnail 236722cChristmas Traditional11
Thumbnail 236822cChristmas 1987: Ornaments11
Thumbnail 236922cWinter Olympics11
Thumbnail 237022cAustralia Bicentennial11
Thumbnail 237122cJames Weldon Johnson11
Thumbnail 237222cCats: Siamese Cat, Exotic Shorthair Cat11
Thumbnail 237322cCats: Abyssinian Cat, Himalayan Cat11
Thumbnail 237422cCats:Maine Coon Cat, Burmese Cat 
Thumbnail 237522cCats: American Shorthair Cat, Persian Cat11
Thumbnail 2375a4x22cAmerican Cats11x11
Thumbnail 237622cKnute Rockne11
Thumbnail 237725cFrancis Ouimet11
Thumbnail 237825cLove11
Thumbnail 237945cLove11
Thumbnail 238025cGymnist On Rings11
Thumbnail 238125cClassic Automobile: 1928 Locomobile10 horiz.
Thumbnail 238225cClassic Automobile: 1929 Pierce-Arrow10 horiz.
Thumbnail 238325cClassic Automobile: 1931 Cord10 horiz.
Thumbnail 238425cClassic Automobile: 1932 Packard10 horiz.
Thumbnail 238525cClassic Automobile: 1935 Duesenberg10 horiz.
Thumbnail 2385a5x25cClassic Cars10 Horz.
Thumbnail 238625cAntarctic Explorer: Nathaniel Palmer11
Thumbnail 238725cAntarctic Explorer: Lt. Charles Wilkes11
Thumbnail 238825cAntarctic Explorer: Richard E. Byrd11
Thumbnail 238925cAntarctic Explorer: Lincoln Ellsworth11
Thumbnail 2389a4x25cAntartic Explorers11
Thumbnail 239025cDeer11
Thumbnail 239125cHorse11
Thumbnail 239225cCamel11
Thumbnail 239325cGoat11
Thumbnail 2393a4x25cCarousel Animals11
Thumbnail 2394$8.75 Express Mail11
Thumbnail 239525cHappy Birthday11
Thumbnail 239625cBest Wishes11
Thumbnail 2396a6x25cSpecial Occasions11
Thumbnail 239725cThinking Of You11
Thumbnail 239825cLove You11
Thumbnail 2398a6x25cSpecial Occasions11
Thumbnail 239925cChristmas Issue11½
Thumbnail 240025cChristmas Issue11½
Thumbnail 240125cMontana11
Thumbnail 240225cAsa Philip Randolph11
Thumbnail 240325cNorth Dakota11
Thumbnail 240425cWashington11
Thumbnail 2405