Stamp Smarter Duck Stamps Checklist
  Scott NumberDenominationDescriptionPerforation
Thumbnail RW1$1 Mallards Alighting11
Thumbnail RW2$1 Canvasback Ducks Taking to Flight11
Thumbnail RW3$1 Canada Geese In Flight11
Thumbnail RW4$1 Scaup Ducks Taking to Flight11
Thumbnail RW5$1 Pintail Drake And Duck Alighting11
Thumbnail RW6$1 Green-Winged Teal11
Thumbnail RW7$1 Black Mallards11
Thumbnail RW8$1 Family Of Ruddy Ducks11
Thumbnail RW9$1 Baldpates11
Thumbnail RW10$1 Wood Ducks11
Thumbnail RW11$1 White-fronted Geese11
Thumbnail RW12$1 Shoveller Ducks In Flight11
Thumbnail RW13$1 Redhead Ducks11
Thumbnail RW14$1 Snow Geese11
Thumbnail RW15$1 Bufflehead Ducks In Flight11
Thumbnail RW16$2 Goldeneye Ducks11
Thumbnail RW17$2 Trumpeter Swans In Flight11
Thumbnail RW18$2 Gadwall Ducks11
Thumbnail RW19$2 Harlequin Ducks11
Thumbnail RW20$2 Blue-winged Teal11
Thumbnail RW21$2 Ring-necked Ducks11
Thumbnail RW22$2 Blue Geese11
Thumbnail RW23$2 American Merganser11
Thumbnail RW24$2 American Eiders11
Thumbnail RW25$2 Canada Geese11
Thumbnail RW26$3 Lab Carrying Mallard Duck11
Thumbnail RW27$3 Readhead Ducks11
Thumbnail RW28$3 Mallard Hen and Ducklings11
Thumbnail RW29$3 Pintail Drakes11
Thumbnail RW30$3 Pair of Brant landing11
Thumbnail RW31$3 Hawaiian Nene Geese11
Thumbnail RW32$3 Three Canvasback Drakes11
Thumbnail RW33$3 Whistling Swans11
Thumbnail RW34$3 Old Squaw Ducks11
Thumbnail RW35$3 Hooded Mergansers11
Thumbnail RW36$3 White-winged Scoters11
Thumbnail RW37$3 Ross's Geese11
Thumbnail RW38$3 3 Cinnamon Teal11
Thumbnail RW39$5 Emperor Geese11
Thumbnail RW40$5 Steller's Eiders11
Thumbnail RW41$5 Wood Ducks11
Thumbnail RW42$5 Canvasback duck decoy11
Thumbnail RW43$5 Family Of Canada Geese11
Thumbnail RW44$5 Pair Of Ross's Geese11
Thumbnail RW45$5 Hooded Merganser11
Thumbnail RW46$7.50 Green-Winged Teal11
Thumbnail RW47$7.50 Mallards11
Thumbnail RW48$7.50 Ruddy Ducks11
Thumbnail RW49$7.50 Canvasbacks11
Thumbnail RW50$7.50 Pintails11
Thumbnail RW51$7.50 Widgeons11
Thumbnail RW52$7.50 Cinnamon Teal11
Thumbnail RW53$7.50 Fulvous Whistling Duck11
Thumbnail RW53a$7.50 Fulvous Whistling Duck11
Thumbnail RW54$10 Readheads11½ x 11
Thumbnail RW55$10 Snow Goose11½ x 11
Thumbnail RW56$12.50 Pair Of Lesser Scaups11½ x 11
Thumbnail RW57$12.50 Black Bellied Whistling Duck11½ x 11
Thumbnail RW57a$12.50 Black Bellied Whistling Duck11½ x 11
Thumbnail RW58$15 King Eiders11½ x 11
Thumbnail RW59$15 Spectacled Eider11½ x 11
Thumbnail RW60$15 Canvasbacks11½ x 11
Thumbnail RW60a$15 Canvasbacks11½ x 11
Thumbnail RW61$15 Red-breasted Mergansers11¼ x 11
Thumbnail RW62$15 Mallards In Flight11¼ x 11
Thumbnail RW63$15 Surf Scoters11¼ x 11
Thumbnail RW64$15 Canada Goose11¼ x 11
Thumbnail RW65$15 Barrow's Goldeneye11¼
Thumbnail RW65A$15 Barrow's Goldeneye11¼
Thumbnail RW66$15 Greater ScaupDie Cut
Thumbnail RW66A$15 Greater ScaupDie Cut
Thumbnail RW67$15 Mottled DuckDie Cut
Thumbnail RW67A$15 Mottled DuckDie Cut
Thumbnail RW68$15 Northern Pintail11¼
Thumbnail RW68A$15 Northern PintailDie Cut, Perf 10
Thumbnail RW69$15 Black Scooters11¼
Thumbnail RW69A$15 Black ScootersSerpentine Die Cut 11x10¾
Thumbnail RW70$15.00 Snow GeeseSDC 11.0 x 10¾
Thumbnail RW70A$15 Snow Geese11x10¾
Thumbnail RW71$15 RedheadsSDC 11.0
Thumbnail RW71A$15 RedheadsSDC 11¼ x 10¾
Thumbnail RW72$15 Hooded MergansersSDC 11.0
Thumbnail RW72A$15 Hooded MergansersSDC 11.0 x 10¾
Thumbnail RW72b$15 Hooded Mergansers11
Thumbnail RW73$15 Ross' GooseSDC 11.0
Thumbnail RW73A$15 Ross' GooseSDC 11.0 x 10¾
Thumbnail RW73b$15 Ross' Goose 
Thumbnail RW74$15 Ring-Necked Duck11
Thumbnail RW74A$15 Ring-Necked DuckSDC 11.0 x 10¾
Thumbnail RW74b$15 Ring-necked11
Thumbnail RW75$15 Northern Pintails 
Thumbnail RW75a$15 Northern Pintails 
Thumbnail RW76$15.00 Long-tailed Duck and Decoy11
Thumbnail RW76A$15.00 Long-tailed Duck and Decoy11