Total Newfoundland POs in Database827
Post Office NameDistrict or Town NameProvinceCommentsEst. YearEst. MonthEst. DayClosed YearClosed MonthClosed Day
No Map Available St. Alban'sSt. Alban'sNewfoundland 194941   
No Map Available St. John's Sub. No. 8St. John's Sub. No. 8NewfoundlandPO perm. closed 1966-09-13 owing to the resignation of the Postmaster and lack of a suitable person being available to assume charge of the office19658161966913
No Map Available Seal Cove, H.B.Seal Cove, H.B.Newfoundland 1939813   
No Map Available British HarbourBritish HarbourNewfoundlandPO perm. closed 1968-09-09 due to the resignation of PM and the depopulation of the community1964  196899
No Map Available BrookfieldBrookfieldNewfoundland 1947929   
No Map Available Fair IslandFair IslandNewfoundlandChanged to Centereville 12/21/19611948922   
No Map Available LamalineBurin - BurgeoNewfoundland 1941814   
No Map Available MobileSt. John's WestNewfoundland 19501014   
No Map Available MusgravetownBonavista - Trinity - ConceptionNewfoundland 1948101   
No Map Available BellburnsHumber - St. George's - St. BarbeNewfoundland 194711