Post Office NameDistrict or Town NameProvinceCommentsEstablished DateClosed Date
No Map Available RaleighGrand Falls - White Bay - LabradorNewfoundlandMail route - Lewisporte, Millertown Jct. Residence owned.5/1/1937 
No Map Available Brig BayHumber - St. George'sNewfoundlandChanged to Plum Point 11/6/19652/1/1914 
No Map Available TorbaySt. John's EastNewfoundland   
No Map Available WabushGrand Falls - White Bay - LabradorNewfoundland 1/14/1963 
No Map Available Lance au ClairGrand Falls - White Bay - LabradorNewfoundland 7/1/1947 
No Map Available Bay BullsSt. John's WestNewfoundland 2/1/1941 
No Map Available Buchans JunctionGrand Falls - White Bay - LabradorNewfoundlandChanged to accounting effective 1960-09-213/14/1955 
No Map Available Fishing Ships HarbourGrand Falls - White Bay - LabradorNewfoundlandSummer Office only..Presumed closed 1976-10-036/23/1970 
No Map Available Tilt CoveGrand Falls - White Bay - LabradorNewfoundlandPO closed 1968-03-29 due to the establishment of the Group Box Mail Delivery Service Separate Building4/1/19473/29/1968
No Map Available West Bay CentreHumber - St. George's - St. BarbeNewfoundland 4/1/1936