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Details Åland Post Ãland Post starts auction house Ã…land Post Stamps now presents some big news! The very first auction arranged by Ã…land Auctions is planned to be held in November. Ã…land Auctions is a website auction house, and we plan to have three or four auctions every year. Initially, all objects will be older philatelic material, stamps, covers, cards, et cetera. Commerical
Details American Philatelic CongressAward winning Congress Books have been published annually since the founding of the American Philatelic Congress in 1935. A complete set of these books contains hundreds of scholarly articles pertaining to various aspects of philately. Among the many articles are subjects such as specific stamp issues, postal markings, and postal history. These books provide the philatelic researcher the opportunity to present written, original research papers for the philatelist. Articles are contributed without financial reward; many of these writers are first time authors. A copy of the annual Congress Book is sent to each member. Society news is conveyed to the membership in periodic Congress Comments newsletters. The American Philatelic Congress does not compete with any other societies as it is a unique organization dealing only in philatelic research and publication. A yearly convention is held in conjunction with the American Philatelic Society StampShow stamp exhibition. For the convenience of members, the site is selected geographically so that various areas of the country are considered as convention sites. As part of the agenda of each convention various authors present their articles from the current Congress Book. Collectors are invited to contribute articles of lasting philatelic interest for the annual book. The American Philatelic Congress is an affiliate of the American Philatelic Society. Organization
Details American Philatelic SocietyWith nearly 34,000 members in more than 110 countries, the APS is the largest, non-profit organization for stamp collectors in the world. Founded in 1886, the APS serves collectors, educators, postal historians, and the general public by providing a wide variety of programs and services. Our Mission: •to promote stamp collecting for people of all ages •to offer services to its membership and to philately in general, including knowledge and education, which enhance the pleasure and friendliness of stamp collecting •to initiate and coordinate new programs for the benefit of stamp collecting and of all collectors •to represent the United States of America in the world body of philately •to assist its members in acquiring and disposing of philatelic materialsOrganization
Details American Plate Number Single SocietyWelcome to the official web site of the American Plate Number Single Society. APNSS is a volunteer-run association of stamp collectors organized to promote interest in plate number singles and other marginal markings. Organization
Details American Society for Philatelic Pages and PanelsThis is the home page of the ASPPP, the only society dedicated to the study of American Commemorative Cancellation Pages, Souvenir Pages, Commemorative Panels, Stamp Posters, stamp announcements and all other types of philatelic pages and panels. We have a number of free spreadsheets that you can download to your pc!Organization
Details American Society of Polar Philatelists The American Society of Polar Philatelists was founded in 1956 and has grown to become an international organization with approximately 300 members worldwide. Society members enjoy a common interest in the stamps, covers, and postal history of the north and south Polar Regions. Many warm friendships have evolved from these mutual interests in the philately of the coldest regions of the earth. This worldwide membership is held together through the publication of Ice Cap News, our award-winning quarterly magazine. Each issue contains articles, columns, illustrations, and news related to our specialized field. Many articles deal with expeditions from the Heroic Age up until the most recent treks to the ends of the earth. Other articles provide details on the Russian Arctic, trans-polar flights, Antarctic scientific research stations, Alaska, famous polar explorers, Operation Deep Freeze, polar thematic cachets, and new stamp issues. Regular columns discuss polar philatelic activities related to the U.S. Antarctic Program, Tristan da Cunha, Northwest Territories, Scandinavia, polar postal history, and book reviews among others. Our journal ICN is extensively illustrated with photographs of people and places, cachets and cancels, maps and other documents. There are reports of our conventions and members' exhibition awards. The "Trading Post" offers members the opportunity to acquire or trade material. Members are encouraged to contribute articles and columns in order to share their specialized knowledge with others. The ASPP provides mail auctions so that members can buy and sell duplicate material. An Estate Advisory Service assists members and their heirs in the disposal of collections. Organization
Details American Stamp Dealers AssociationThe American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. is a professional organization serving philately since 1914. We are dedicated to promoting integrity, honesty and reliability, and we are the hobby builders of philately. American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. members represent all segments of the philatelic marketplace both retail and wholesale. Our membership is international in scope with members coming from Europe, Asia, South America, the Pacific Rim Nations and the Middle East as well. Our stamp dealer members include the most respected firms and individuals in the industry. The American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. promotes stamp collecting, keeps stamp dealers informed about in and out-of-industry regulations and happenings, opposes laws which would adversely affect the industry and its Members' livelihood, and acts as a liaison between stamp dealer member Associations affiliated with other recognized philatelic bodies. ASDA studies local and national legislation that relates to the field and publishes them with commentary. In many instances, the American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. has been successful in securing the reversal of rulings which were detrimental to the stamp business. In short, the aims of American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. are your aims: to publicize the professionalism and dependability of ASDA members; to promote the stamp industry and your share in it. Membership in American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. will enhance your reputation and increase your business. Organization
Details American Topical AssociationThematic Stamp Collecting Since 1949 The American Topical Association (ATA) was founded in 1949 and is now the largest philatelic society devoted specifically to topical stamp collecting. Serving members worldwide, we pride ourselves in being the best source of information, fellowship and authority in this field. Membership in the ATA includes many benefits like our bi-monthly Topical Time journal, handbooks published on popular collecting topics and checklists useful for those who have started a topical collection, or wishing to start a new collection. Organization
Details APS WRITERS UNIT #30Encouraging and Assisting Philatelic Communication Membership is open to all philatelic writers, columnists, editors, publishers and anyone interested in philatelic communication. Our Journal: The Writers Unit’s quarterly journal, The Philatelic Communicator, offers a wide spectrum of news and articles of interest and benefit to philatelic writers, columnists, editors and publishers. Submissions for publication in this journal are always welcome from any source. The journal also provides information about worldwide philatelic literature competitions and lists the results of these events. Subscription to the journal is included in the membership dues. Seminars are usually held in conjunction with the American Philatelic Society winter and summer shows. Literature Competitions: The Writers Unit supports literature competitions in all national exhibitions. It sponsors the Literature Grand Award at the APS StampShow each year. Organization
Details Armenian Philatelic AssociationArmenian Philatelic Association (ArPA) In January of 1997, the Armenian Philatelic Association (ArPA) was established by a group of dedicated stamp collectors. ArPA's goals are to promote the study of Armenian philately for all those interested in stamp collecting. Among its members, there are renowned collectors, enthusiasts and beginners. ArPA's monthly meetings have provided a regular forum for the exchange of information, stamps and other materials. The ArPA Journal provides the means to disseminate new research and information about Armenian philately. Organization