Philatelic Word Search Puzzles

By Ed Sherman

Download the philatelic 'word search' to your computer, print, and find the hidden stamp collecting words and terms!  Each puzzle is unique, hours of fun. Solutions are included with each puzzle. Clicking the download button will start the PDF download to your computer or device.

U.S. Commemoratives to 1943 - The 87 words hidden in this puzzle are all subjects of U.S. commemorative stamps issued between 1847 and 1943.

Turkish Cities - In 1958 to 1960, Turkey issued a pictorial set of 134 stamps depicting scenes from 67 Turkish cities and towns. It was once considered the longest set of stamps ever issued, surpassed since by the Machin definitives from Great Britain. The Turkish set however remains the longest set of pictorial stamps ever issued. All 67 cities pictured in this set are hidden in the puzzle.

USA Transportation Coils - Hidden in this puzzle are the names of the modes of transportation found on this popular issue.

Philatelic Currencies - The 228 currencies hidden in this puzzle all appear on stamps of the past 175+ years.

Mexico Exporta Issue - The Exporta series stamps were issued by Mexico between 1975 & 1993. They are a specialist’s dream with hundreds of perf, shade, watermark, tagging, error, & (14 different) paper varieties. Hidden in this puzzle are the English & Spanish words for each of the 30 different Mexico Exporta stamp subjects.

Languages on Stamps - All 86 languages hidden in this puzzle have been used on stamps past or present.

German Area - The following 97 stamp-issuing countries, states, and territories are all part of the broader German philatelic collecting area. Several hyphenated names have been split up to keep the puzzle a bit smaller.

African Fauna - Find 97 wild African animals in this puzzle that have appeared on stamps.

Four Letter Philately - This puzzle is completely unfair by design but will be very challenging to do! Short words are the hardest to find and all 215 words crammed into this puzzle are philatelic in nature: terms, currencies, colors, countries, names, brands, and even abbreviations. 

Dead Countries - How many ‘countries which no longer exist’ can you find? 

Stamp Characteristics - See if you can uncover all the words which describe stamp characteristics  

Fruits on Stamps - Hungry? Hunt for the hidden fruits 

Australia - Throw a shrimp on the Barbie while you find the Aussie words 

French Colonies - Find the names of the French Colonies 

Before and After - Find stamp-issuing entities who have used more than one country name 

Philatelic Accessories - Can you uncover all the hidden philatelic accessories? 

Philatelic colors - Find the color names commonly used on stamps. 

Stamp Paper and Gum - Search for words and terms associated with paper and gum. 

Types of Stamps – Hunt for words used to describe different types of stamps. 

Topical Stamp Collecting – Seek words and terms related to topical stamp collecting.