How To Remove Curling From Stamps

By Bill Weiss

Sometimes we are faced with curled stamps and we would like to restore them to their original flat condition. This short article will explain to you how to do that rather easily.

Caution – sometimes curling in an unused stamp is caused by regumming, so always be suspicious of a curled stamp. In fact, by placing a regummed stamp in the palm of your hand, your body heat will cause the stamp to start to curl!


Place the curled stamp in an approval card with an acetate front, face DOWN. Vigorously rub the stamp over the edge of a table, desk or other object that has an edge, applying pressure as you rub. After 10-20 seconds of rubbing, the stamp should be restored to flat condition, but if it is regummed, it will continue to curl. This process will straighten both used and OG stamps.

Another method is to place the stamp face UP in the card, and using your tongs, a spoon or similar round metal object rub over the stamp while applying great downward pressure, which should remove the curling – unless the stamp is regummed.